Gassy the Cow

Gassy The Cow Review and Giveaway

Having already seen it advertised on television quite often, I think it’s safe to say that one of the most popular games this year is going to be Gassy the Cow by Drumond Park. The game is suitable for children aged 4 and up and is for 2 to 4 players and comes with a RRP of £24.99.

Playing the game Playing Gassy the Cow is super easy and it’s really easy for everyone to understand, which is something I really like about the game. Players take turns on the spinner and whosever’s boots matches the colour has to walk up to the cow and lift the tail. Players then have to wait to see if something comes out of the cow’s bum!

It could be wee, it could be poo or it could be the golden mega poo! However, the cow could just moo and nothing at all will come out! If you get a wee then you can wash off any poo already on your boots. If you get a poo, you must stand on it with your boots. Two poos though and you’re out! As soon as you get the golden mega poo though, you’re OUT! Whoever finishes the game with cleanest boots wins.

Gassy the Cow

Will she mooo or will she pooo? is the tagline for the game and it fits perfectly!

I love that Gassy the Cow has such a simple concept and it’s something that most children will enjoy. It’s a bit gross and a bit funny and I’m sure there will be children sat around tables squealing as they play this. The cow is really well made and he looks great, as do all the bright colours from the boots and smaller wee and poo pieces.

Gassy the Cow is the kind of game that will keep children entertained for ages! It’s perfect for the upcoming October half term!

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Drumond Park are giving our readers the chance to win a copy for themselves! All you need to do is enter via Gleam below; make sure to read the T & Cs! (Ends 7/10)

Gassy the Cow Giveaway

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