Get Ready For Winter With These Home Improvements

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Winter is on the horizon, and whether it turns out to be wet and muddy or freezing and snowy, you’ll want your home to be a warm, dry haven from the outside elements. Last year was both wet and cold, and the last thing you want to deal with during a long hard winter is a draughty home, damp problems, or heating issues. Before the weather gets any worse, have a look around your house and see where there are potential problems so that you can attend to them in good time.

  • Windows and doors

You can lose a significant amount of heat through old doors and windows that aren’t fully sealed. That not only costs you money in terms of higher heating bills, but it means it’s harder to keep your house warm enough. The tiniest gaps can let in cold and damp, so inspect your units carefully for breaches in their integrity. If your doors or windows are past their best, have a look at options for replacements that will form a better seal against the weather. Modern window designs are far more stylish and come in a wide range of contemporary and traditional styles, so there will be an option available that suits both old and new build houses. For example, if you want to have the benefits of traditional timber windows, but with the improved heat retention of modern designs, you can order bespoke wooden windows from

  • Home maintenance

It’s worth checking the condition of your brickwork to make sure it doesn’t need repointing, checking for loose roof tiles, and cleaning out all your gutters and downpipes. If you neglect these tasks, you’ll find that your house isn’t waterproof, which will encourage the formation of damp patches and mould. Something as simple to fix as a blocked gutter can lead to extensive water damage inside the house, so attending to these maintenance tasks should be part of your routine. Cleaning your paths will help avoid slippages on paving stones, and sweeping out doorways will keep mud and muck away from the house. It’s also worth putting down mud and water absorbing mats if you’re likely to be in and out of the garden, or you have pets in your home.

  • Interior decoration

Once you’ve made sure your house is structurally secure and ready for the winter, have some fun sprucing up the interior. You might consider refreshing the colour scheme to reflect the changing seasons, or indeed have a complete change of design from summer friendly blues and yellows to more autumnal greens and browns. It’s not a bad idea to have a makeover at this time of year because you’ll be spending a lot more time indoors, and if your home is looking fresh and well-ordered, it will be a far more pleasant environment in which to live.

Before you know it, the winds will be howling around the house, and you’ll be battening down the hatches. That is not the time to be faced with cold and damp conditions, so get your winter home improvements sorted now and stay warm and dry.


Get Ready For Winter With These Home Improvements

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