Gifts you might not have thought about for the man in your life

Gifts you might not have thought about for the man in your life

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Form experience, I can safely say that men can be incredibly hard to buy for. Either there’s nothing they want, they won’t give you any clues or they’re just plain hard to buy for. If that’s something you have experienced then you might be interested in some ideas for gifts you might not have thought about buying before.


More men wear jewellery than you might think and they style they like will probably depend on their personality. For example, someone might like really classic jewellery, or antique jewellery or even hip hop jewelry. There are actually quite a lot of different options for jewellery for men and it’s not just chains like you might think it is. You might consider buying a trendy bracelet, a new ring or possibly a cuban chain depending on the man’s personal style. Men’s jewellery comes in a lot of different metals too such as gold or platinum but there are also other options like leather for bracelets or necklaces.

Experience voucher

Nowadays there are so many different things for us to try and an experience voucher would make a great gift for anyone. Some vouchers allow the recipient to choose what they want to do or you might already know what they’re into. Some experiences could include fast car driving, skydiving, trying out a new sport or maybe a high ropes experience somewhere. The possibilities are endless really and there’s bound to be an experience for everyone.

Trip away

You might be buying for someone who works long hours, maybe is a family man with young children or maybe just someone who always seems busy. If this is the case then why not think about booking a trip away for this person as a gift. If you’re not confident enough to pick a location and choose a date then an IOU could be a great idea once you know some more details.


It can be really easy to be glued to our phones or computers or maybe get too distracted by the television while we’re at home and we can forget to spend quality time with one another. You might not be able to buy someone actual time but what you can do is buy someone a gift which means spending some good time together. Board games or card games, are a great idea because it means something to concentrate on while actually having fun together. Turn the TV off, get some snacks in and just have fun playing whatever game you choose.

No matter what you decide to buy I’m sure the man in your life will appreciate the though and effort you’ve gone to in order to get him a nice gift.

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