How Do My Child's Lifestyle Choices Affect Their Education?

How Do My Child’s Lifestyle Choices Affect Their Education?

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A lot of things in your child’s life can impact their learning, for better or worse. From a range of learning improvements or changes to their skills, lifestyle choices throughout any person’s life will impact their abilities. When children are in school and learning, however, it’s really important that they maintain their focus and determination to study. 

Here in this guide from a private school in East Sussex, we explore what lifestyle choices can affect a child’s ability to learn and retain information.

Diet and exercise

A child that eats way too much junk food is going to have a much higher level of sugar and salt in their system, as well as too many fats. It will make your child feel less motivated to pay attention and work in the classroom, and it can make their behaviour more erratic. Sugar crashes can happen in children all the time due to the amount of sugar in their systems from fruit juices, sweets, chocolate and more.

Exercise is also important for a child so long as it’s monitored and not rigorous continued activity. Get your child involved in extracurricular activities like football, gymnastics and swimming. Allow them to explore which activities they’d like to try out, and motivate them to take part in it every week.

Sleep schedules

When your child is reaching teenager age they can fall into a bad cycle of staying up way too late and feel much less focused in school. Ensure your child is in bed at the right time each night, and if they are feeling distracted you may have to intervene and take devices and other things to tempt them away until the morning.

You can help with their sleeping pattern by reading a book together before bed, or offering them to read their book before bed. It usually tends to unwind the mind and make children feel more tired. That, along with regular exercise and a healthy diet will keep your child’s sleep pattern in check.

Your child’s connection with mobile devices

Your child will eventually enter the stage of social media and viral content easily accessed from their phone or a tablet. In the world of expectations and high standards, your child can easily fall into an obsession with mobile devices and media. It’s best sharing with your child advice on how to manage their feelings, as these over time can impact their mental health. Take phones away at night, or only allow them to use phones at certain times in the day.

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