How Erin Got Her Name

How Erin Got Her Name

Before we even knew that Erin would be a girl, we had a list of names that we liked. Strangely, the list didn’t actually have any boys names on it. I’m super picky and I don’t like names that can be shortened. This made our list VERY short. I think we only had a couple of names on the list and even then, I wasn’t sold on any of them. I realised recently that I had never written about how Erin got her name.

On the day we had our 20 week scan I had to get the train to meet John from work. I don’t know what was happening on that train or what I was thinking about but all of a sudden a name popped into my head. Knowing what I’m like and the likelihood of my forgetting it, I wrote it on my hand.

How Erin Got Her Name

During our appointment, which we were really late for as I got the time wrong (I blame pregnancy brain), I looked back down at my hand as soon as we were told they were pretty sure it was a girl. I knew then that her name was definitely going to be Erin.

When we got home I rang my mum to tell her the news. I hadn’t told her about the name, only about the scan. Mum then went on to say she thought of a really nice name; Erin. I couldn’t believe it. There was no way of her knowing that I’d already thought of it and that I liked it.

How Erin Got Her Name

Ever since that day I couldn’t think of Erin with any other name. I know people who have had names picked out for months only to change it once the baby is born. I was slightly worried, seeing as I’d been calling Erin by her name while I was pregnant. Luckily, the minute she was born I knew the name was perfect for her. I can’t imagine her being called anything else now.

Did you know what your child’s name would be? Do you have a nice story of how you came up with it?


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  1. It’s a lovely name and was on my shortlist of girls names. We struggled to agree on any girl names so it was lucky we had a boy – we agreed early on that we wanted Jenson. It’s a difficult one to shorten and we don’t want anyone calling him Sonny. My dad sometimes says Jense which isn’t terrible.

  2. Erin is such a pretty name. One of my nieces is called Erin. We named Jessica shortly after we found out about her heart condition (we hadn’t planned on finding out the gender until that point). Hubby suggested her name and I liked it – when we found out that one of the meanings was “God sees” it felt very appropriate for her. Her middle name means “strong girl” so is also very apt. When I was pregnant with Sophie, I dreamed I had a girl and gave her Sophie’s full name. I didn’t know that we were having a girl until Sophie was born but I loved the name that I dreamt so much that I knew that’s what we would call her if she was a girl. If we’d had a boy, we would have called him Peter after my dad who died nearly eight years ago x

  3. My daughter is Erin too! I liked that it could not be shortened and it went nice with the middle name that I wanted.

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