Good Garden Tips for People Who Hate Gardening

Good Garden Tips for People Who Hate Gardening

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Not everybody gets to have a garden. So, if you do have one, but you don’t want to do any gardening in it, it can make you feel a bit guilty. It feels like you should be doing something beautiful with it, but you just can’t be bothered to spend your weekends pulling up weeds. Gardens don’t only have to be for plants, though. Fortunately, they can have many other features, which require much less regular maintenance. If gardening isn’t something you enjoy, you can still create a beautiful space that’s functional and low-maintenance.

Focus on Paving and Hardscaping

If you want to have a garden that doesn’t require much work, having too many plants isn’t ideal. Some plants will largely survive on their own, but others need extra care and attention. If that’s too much effort for you, focusing on paving and hardscaping instead is a better idea. There are lots of ways to create different surfaces and textures without using plants. You can have a deck, a patio or a garden path, which could use paving stones, gravel or even bark. You could create a rock garden or a zen garden with sand. There’s no need for plants if you don’t want them.

Choose Plants That Require Little Maintenance

Some people do want to have some plants in their garden, but still don’t want to have to do a lot of gardening. Fortunately, there are some plants you can choose that don’t need much care. You can simply plant them and leave them to get on with things, perhaps with an occasional bit of help. If you’re looking for easy plants, you can try shrubs like heather, lavender or azalea. Springtime bulbs like snowdrops and crocuses are simple to care for too, and climbing plants like ivy can easily grow without much help. Madera garden and tree professionals can be really helpful if there’s anything you need to know if if you’re not sure where to start. 

Get Artificial Grass

Covering your garden with a lawn is a great way to keep things low-maintenance. However, for some, even mowing the lawn is too much work. If you don’t want to spend your time mowing, you might want to get an artificial lawn instead. A company like LazyLawn can install your grass for you, so it’s ready to go. It’s good for kids and pets to play on, and it reduces mess from mud. It stays green all year, and it’s easy to clean too. All it needs is a weed killer treatment to prevent weeds, plus occasional cleaning with soapy water.

Create a Garden You Can Use, Not Just Look At

Don’t just think about what you want your garden to look like. Consider how you want to use it too. Is it a place for your children to play? Is it a social space where you eat outside in the summer? If your garden isn’t going to be full of pretty flowers, it should be a functional, practical place that adds to your enjoyment of your home. 

Anyone who hates gardening can still make the most of their garden. Remove the need to spend your time gardening and just enjoy your garden instead.


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