How To Choose The Perfect Garden Room Design

How To Choose The Perfect Garden Room Design

A garden room can be an excellent addition to your home and garden. The room however needs to be adequately designed in clean-cut spaces to provide the perfect space to use during summer among other times. A few factors such as size, design, and position need to be considered to ensure the room is functional enough. Here are a few tips on how to do it.

  1. Choose the right spot

It’s advisable to look for the best spot for the garden room, and mainly if working with limited space. Experts recommend having the house where it will be visible from the house. You might also want to avoid the only sunny spot in the garden, as this might take away the awe of a garden. This is unless you can create sheltered suntrap with the doors.

Consider having the room in a shady area, and preferably the spot you don’t have plants on. Most people prefer having the garden room just next to the main house, or at a place far off the garden to help provide some bit of privacy from prying eyes.

  1. Size

Proper planning is required when designing a garden room according to Quick-Garden. For starters, the room needs to be big enough to be useful but not overwhelm the garden too. It shouldn’t also throw too much shade to the garden, a reason you need to consider this very carefully. To be on the safe side, consider visualizing the proportions of the room first, then mark the boundaries with canes and strings. This should give you a rough idea of how big or small the room will be. Consider investing in a well-designed shed for the best results.

  1. Look for a green roof

The roof is one of the essential parts that need to be considered very carefully. Although you can choose a roof that complements the garden and home design, it shouldn’t necessarily mimic the angles and gradient. Consider having a roof that slopes gently towards the house, and especially a green roof. This way, the wildlife, flowers, and foliage will be visible from the house. You can have your supplier design a green roof for the garden room. The roof should however be strong enough to handle the weight comfortably.  

Go for a roof that will remain insulated and strong enough all the year round. The Trio Ultra is one of the best roofs to consider. You might also want to ensure the windows (double-glazed), and doors (bi-fold) are situated in the best locations of maximum suability.

  1. Choose the best materials

How long will you use or need the garden room? This should be the first question to ask yourself before choosing the building materials. If looking for a permanent structure, then block or brick materials are recommended. You can also go for the standard, tongue-and-groove exterior wall cladding as well. It’s advisable to go for thicker walls, floor, and ceiling to ensure proper insulation if you plan to use the room all year round. A permanent structure will demand stronger materials, which means more money.

  1. Glazing

Your choice glazing should be determined by how and when you plan to be using the room. If you are only using the room during summer as a sunspot, then single glazing will come in handy. Double-glazing is however recommended for permanent rooms that will be used all year round. In addition to this, you might want to consider other uses such as storage and style before picking a glazing style. Use enough glazing to reflect your needs, and use it sparingly if looking for lots of storage and desk space.

  1. Interior décor

Many people would want to reflect the design and interior décor of the main house.  While it may seem like a nice idea, the room needs to stand up to the continual access considering the garden’s condition. Blinds, curtains, and shutters will however be needed to provide shade and should be washable as well. The curtains could get dirty from mud and dirt from the garden – especially if there are children around.

  1. Exterior details

Once contended with the inside, you can then start working on outdoor lights, how they will be positions, plants, and the frame. You might also want to consider decking for easy access from the house to the garden room.



How To Choose The Perfect Garden Room Design

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