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How to Cook Delicious Fried Food to Serve For Family Dinners

Written by Allen Brown

Cooking for your family can be one of two things, a pleasure or a chore, sometimes it’s both! Whether you’re a family of three or you regularly cook for a group much larger, you want to cook something great for your group. Sometimes, though, fitting in a great recipe in an already busy day seems impossible.

When it comes to cooking fried food, people often think there’s no way of achieving great fried food at home. Well, there is. You don’t need to head out to a restaurant for awesome fries or delicious fried chicken! Here are some easy ways to cook delicious fried food at home.

Everyone Loves Fried Food

Fried food makes up a huge portion of the western world’s favorite foods. Fries, fried chicken, tempura veggies, bhajis, and so many more great foods were created in the fryer. Most of the nation’s fast-food restaurants involve multiple fried food choices. Since it’s so popular, it’s tempting to try to make it at home, and you can, with one of these methods…

Instant Pot Air Fryer Lids

Many people nowadays have instant pot cookers. These devices have become a household staple, due to the fact that they can increase cooking speed by up to 10 times, while also reducing the need for multiple cooking devices for each recipe. You can learn more on corrie cooks regarding instant pots and their many uses – one of which is frying. In fact, with just a simple lid attachment, you can turn any instant pot-style cooker into an air fryer.

The lids are designed to work with any stainless steel instant pot. They work by creating high-pressured steam, which circulates around the food, giving it that even and crisp feel. The lid heats up to over 200C in just a few minutes, meaning you can fry your potato or chicken in just a few minutes, while the steam locks in all the nutritional content. Quick and healthy! 

Standalone Air Fryers

Air fryers work in a similar way and, if you have space for a second device on your countertop, they can also be a great addition to your kitchen. Air fryers generate heat quickly and house a fan, much like a convection oven but in a compact size. Due to their small size and the power of the fan, you get an all-over crispy finish in just a few minutes. Again, quick, healthy, fried food, without any oil.

Oil Frying Methods

If you want to go traditional or just fancy some oily goodness, you can oil fry at home. There are miniature fryers with baskets that work exactly like the fryers in your favorite fast-food joints. Or, you can fill a high-sided pot with oil and heat it. These methods require care and attention, as hot oil is extremely dangerous. 

It’s really easy to fry food at home these days. All of these methods are tried and tested. If you have an instant pot, the air fryer lid is an absolute must. The versatility of having both instant pot and air fryer in one makes for seriously easy cooking.

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