How to Create a Stylish Country Vibe in Your Bedroom

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Have you decided that it’s time to inject a little style into your bedroom? Maybe it’s looking a little tired and worn, or perhaps there was never a set design plan to begin with. No matter the reason, it’s always exciting to update spaces in your home, especially rooms that are meant to be comfortable and relaxing like the bedroom.

Here we’ll take a look at how you can transform the space and create a stylish and modern country vibe in the bedroom, combining a number of must-have elements to tie things together.

Start with a Fresh Paint Colour

Whenever you are updating a room in your house often the best place to start is with a fresh new paint colour. This instantly transforms the space and can give you that anchor to work with. The paint colour can be soft and subdued, allowing the décor and furniture to pop, or you can choose to add colour to your walls and let that be the spark of interest.

As for what the ideal paint colours are when going for that stylish and modern country vibe, white is always a good option but for some people, that can seem too stark. You can warm things up a bit by choosing a soft blue, a pale yellow, or a light sage green. The key is to keep things light and bright.

Invest in a Stylish New Bedframe

Often the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom is your bed frame, which gives you an opportunity to really set the tone from a design standpoint. A beautiful new bedframe that oozes that understated, casual, and stylish country vibe would be perfect for the space. White Tree Furniture has just the piece that would work, as they specialise in furniture that is painted white. Their selection of white painted bedframes can add that pop of interest in your room and yet are built to last so you know you’ll have the item for many years to come.

Be Sure to Mix and Match Elements

Another must-have in the design plan is to mix and match elements. You don’t want things to feel too put together. You can mix and match things such as lamps, bedside tables, furniture, linens, artwork, and so forth. If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to pull things together, choose a colour palette, and use it as your criteria.

It’s also a good idea to blend old and new elements together, as this helps to create more of the country casual vibe.

Quilts Are a Big Part of the Design

When shopping for the perfect bed linens, be sure to factor in a quilt. This can be the finishing touch in the room that really acts as the focal point. If you can, look for a vintage quilt or one with unique features to it. You want it to feel as authentic as possible in order to have that farmhouse vibe.

A Fresh New Space to Enjoy

Using all of these tips will ensure you’ve got a fresh new bedroom to enjoy.

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