What Can You Do with your Garden Room in the Summer?

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As the warmer weather sweeps through the country, we are all relieved to feel the warmth of summer finally arrive! There are many ways to prepare for the summer months, and a garden room can be the perfect way to host guests this summer. There are many different uses for a garden room, which make them a perfect investment all year round, but especially so in the summertime! From garden annexes to poolside saunas, there are many ways your garden room can be made for summer. 

1. A Garden Guesthouse

One of the most popular uses for a garden room in the summer is as a garden guesthouse, which family and friends can sleep in for a short stay or longer holiday. With their beautiful designs and high-quality materials, a Hawksbeck Garden Room is built to building standards, allowing people to sleep inside them for any stretch of time. In the summer your guests can enjoy their own space when visiting, with their own bedroom, ensuite and even a kitchen area! 

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2. A Social Space

Hosting guests in the summer can be stressful if you don’t have the space to entertain them, especially in the English summer when the weather can turn in a blink of an eye! With a garden room, you can create the perfect hosting space with room for foosball tables, ping pong tables or a cinema screen. With the option to have a guest toilet room too, you can host guests without anyone trampling through your family home. 

3. A Summer Gym

The summer months can be hot and sweaty, and what better way to enjoy this than with some summer workouts in your own private gym? You can equip your gym with whatever you like, for whichever sport you prefer. You can line the walls with mirrors and use a garden room as your own dance studio or fill your room with weighted machines if you prefer. The Hawksbeck team can install air conditioning units and different types of glazing options too, so you can keep your gym cool and fresh. 

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4. A Poolside Retreat

For those of us lucky enough to own our own garden swimming pools, a garden room is the perfect poolside retreat! You can create your own spa room, or even indulge with a sauna for you and your guests to enjoy. The possibilities to a garden room are endless, and they can be a perfect addition to any size garden, complimenting many existing features like a swimming pool. 

A garden room can be a great investment for you and your family for the summer months, allowing you to gain the space you need to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. With beautiful exterior cedarwood cladding, and stunning modern designs, a garden room could be exactly what you need. 

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