How To Keep Toddlers Cool In Summer

How To Keep Toddlers Cool In Summer

I remember back to when Erin was less than a month old, roughly 6 months old to be exact and we had a massive heat wave during the summer. I was looking at old pictures with Erin the other day and we came across the ones of her sleeping on our bed in the middle of the day in just a vest because it was so hot that year. I think it was much easier to keep Erin cool when she was a baby because she couldn’t answer back, couldn’t run away and would lay pretty still for quite long periods of time. With the hot weather supposedly making another appearance this week I thought I would ask some other bloggers for some advice about how to keep toddlers cool in summer:

Lightweight clothes – possibly a little big! Natural cool fabrics like bamboo are ideal. Hi Baby Blog

Sensory play with water and/or ice cubes. Can be done outside or inside (with towels). Illustrated Teacup

Keep the curtains closed in your children’s bedrooms, especially on particularly hot days. Then when they need some cool down time or are going to bed, it isn’t so stifling. I always do this for Jude because he suffers so much in the heat. Living With A Jude

Evian spray or any water misting bottle – the best especially when you’re out & about – it takes the edge off & give them a little water down. Our Mummy Life

Reduce clothing, especially for bed time. Give them a cool bath and let them sleep in underwear if too hot in anything else. Lylia Rose

A low tog duvet or replacing the duvet with a blanket during the hot months. Ever After With Kids

Water play! Either in the bath or in the garden (just make sure they’re well covered in sun cream or in the shade). A paddling pool or just a bucket of water, loads of fun and keeps them cool. The Incidental Parent

Erin is the kind of toddler who loves being outside all of the time if she can and she would continue to run around for hours without stopping if I let her get away with it. She probably wouldn’t even tell me she needed a drink for ages unless I always had one close by or asked her if she was thirsty. Erin also doesn’t particularly like getting dressed or having a change of clothes so I have to be very careful with what I dress her in first thing in the morning. Layers are definitely easier to cope with because at least we can take things off to help Erin be cooler throughout the day.

Keeping Erin cool during the summer is definitely a tricky job but thanks to these great ideas from other bloggers I feel a bit more prepared now! The Mama Fairy also has some great tips to be sure to check out her blog post.

Do you have any tips? If so, let me know in the comments!

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