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Whether you are a stay-at-home parent who’s looking to make some money during quiet time or when the children are fast asleep, or due to the current situation, you’ve been spending more time at home and are looking for part-time ways to make some extra money – and no, I’m not going to talk about selling shakes or essential oils – I’ve put together some ideas that might be right up your street.

Start an eCommerce business.

Ad Lab, Magento eCommerce agency within London, recommend starting your own online business. You might have a passion for creating your own products, from sterling silver jewellery to handmade plant pots or even food-shaped soap. Use this passion and turn in into a money-making business!

“If you can’t find a job, create one.” says Paula Grady in this BBC article. She was left without a job at 57 and tried searching for work during lockdown but that was a thankless task. After applying for over 500 jobs, she decided to set up a scented candle business, and by having an online store, she can sell her candles all across the country.

Once you’ve figured out your products and created your online store, it’s time to drive traffic to it. There are plenty of ways to promote your business and make it stand out. The team at Ad Lab recommend embellishing your Google My Business page like Ad Lab has done with honest reviews and images of your studio and products, as well as adding your products into Google Shopping to increase brand awareness and generate sales. Social media is also a must-have. Partner up with content creators and influencers to create a buzz for your business – Ad Lab was featured in James Sinclair’s business podcast which increased traffic to their website and got people to talk about their services.

Start a blog.

“Starting a blog might start as a hobby or as a need to share your thoughts with the world but it can easily become a source of income.” mentions this article on A Beautiful Space. As a blogger, I couldn’t recommend starting a blog enough. Creating a blog has given me a platform to share my stories, thoughts and opinions plus, given me some extra money – it’s a win, win. You won’t start making money from the start but with time, you’ll get there. And once you have a big enough following to monetise your blog, you can start making money from display ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and much more!

Sell your skills as services.

Do you a talent for writing catchy sentences? Maybe it’s time to promote your copywriting skills and help businesses with their copywriting needs. Are you great at managing your social media accounts? I know someone out there needs help with their social media. As Chilling with Lucas says in this blog post, “If you know people who need an extra pair of hands and you know how to help them, put a price on it and earn some income. Perhaps you’ve studied design or photography – advertise what you can offer to others on social media or websites, such as People Per Hour and Upwork.”

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