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How to Make More Time for Reading

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Even if you’re a proud reader and bibliophile, it’s safe to say that finding the time to curl up with a good book can be very difficult when you have a busy life not to mention when there’s a wealth of distraction such as technology and maybe children who always want your attention. 

Making time for reading often takes mindful effort and planning ahead to ensure that you can really escape into your favourite stories or subjects. 

Why is Reading Important?

Aside from being an enjoyable pastime, there are many other benefits to reading, such as:

  • Extending your vocabulary 
  • Exploring new ideas and themes 
  • Focusing your brain energy 
  • Helping to relax you
  • Helping to keep your brain active

Here’s How to Make More Time for Reading:

Take a Book with You Wherever You Go 

There are many points during the day which would be ideal for whipping out your favourite book from your bag. You may be in a waiting room for an appointment or while waiting to pick someone else up. Taking a book with you means you have it to hand should the opportunity arise for you to read a few pages any time.

Read Before Sleep 

Not only is reading in bed the perfect opportunity to relax, but reading before sleep can also help you to drop off that little bit easier. Reading in bed means you have a designated time where everything else has calmed down and all jobs have been done meaning you can concentrate fully on your book. If you make an active effort to get into bed half an hour earlier, you can then get some reading time in before sleep. 

Read When You Wake Up 

This might be difficult depending on how hectic your morning routine is, but if you like to sit for a while and wake up with a cup of tea or coffee, then coupling this with a few chapters of your book first thing can be the perfect way to start the day and begin to engage your brain. 

Try a Book Subscription Box

Finding time for reading also means finding time to research and shop for the right book, which can be time-consuming in itself. A subscription book box takes care of all that hard work for you, so that you can have the best titles delivered straight to your door and easily pick up your next read without having to think about it. 

Switch Off Technology

It’s difficult to escape into your own book world when you’re constantly distracted by technology. You may be able to dedicate more time to reading if you switch off the TV and put your phone on silent so that you’re not interrupted by constant notifications. 

Read on Your Lunch Break 

Escape from staring at your screen or sticking at your work desk by taking a book to read instead. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes in a comfortable chair away from your work station, it’s still a great time to read!


How to Make More Time for Reading

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