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How To Make Your Garden Inviting During Winter

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Despite cold temperatures and occasional dreary weather, your garden can still be an inviting source of seasonal enjoyment. Here are some affordable, simple suggestions for maintaining an inviting garden during the winter months for family and friends.

Install Sheltering Devices

You can put up affordable plastic or aluminum overhead shelter on poles that are easy to insert in the ground. The covered walkway and garden area will be more welcoming without problems from cold temperatures and blowing wind, snow, or rain. The covered walkway will also protect the pavement or path from accumulating ice or snow to keep it safe for walking. If covering the walkway is not feasible, arrange shelter in a corner of the garden. Install a small tent or a canopy that provides protection from the weather elements while providing a nice view of the garden. You could even use a beach umbrella and patio table for relaxing on a mild day in your special outdoor area.

Add Heating Options

For very cold days or extended garden visits, use a patio heater with an extension cord if needed to add sufficient heat for comfort and safety. A mobile heater can be moved around to where it is needed most to keep everyone warm and toasty. It’s also best to get a feature with a safety auto-shutoff system to avoid the risk of fire. Check out Susan Robinson’s rundown of different types and styles of patio heaters to make your final choice.

You might also want to prepare a fire pit for toasting marshmallows or other goodies as snacks and as a focal point for telling stories or singing songs. You may want to keep folding chairs and outdoor blankets available for those who are want to huddle up for warmth alone or with loved ones.

Clear a Walkway

Keep the sidewalk or path leading to the garden clear of snow, ice, or debris. Apply ice melting products to keep the walkway safe for use. Check for damaged pavement or chipped blocks and barriers to repair or replace them if needed. If the grass happens to hit a temporary growth spurt during a brief warming trend, trim it back, along with any woods or accumulated dead leaves. If snow tends to drift in that area, put up a temporary or permanent path protector and barrier to keep the walkway clear.

Decorate with Lights

String colorful lights or mini white lights around the garden’s perimeter for brighter illumination at night and festive accents by day. Aluminum or wooden stakes should hold the lights securely. You may want to put up decorative light displays of holiday figurines and meaningful scenes that will add beauty and magic to your garden for wintertime relaxation and pleasure. Trees and shrubs in or near the garden can likewise be decorated with lights and ornaments to make the area even more special and enjoyable.

Include Winter Plants

Bring in potted seasonal plants like evergreen shrubs or winter florals to add color and scent to your garden. Poinsettias and English primroses are perennial favorites. Or you may want to add an upbeat preseason spring assortment of daffodils and tulips especially toward winter’s end. You can place the potted plants around the border of the regular garden space or rearrange your garden specifically to highlight the seasonal blooms and greenery. They can then be planted next spring wherever you like to keep the seasonal excitement alive.

Play Background Music

When spending time in your garden, bring along a seasonal playlist or some of your favorite pop, rock, country, hip hop, or classical favorites. Music adds zest to the overall effect of a decorative winter garden place. You can play it low for mood music or pump it up and dance along to keep your blood flowing in the cold temperatures.

Gardens are not just for summer. You can do many things with yours during the colder months to keep them a vibrant part of outdoor living for leisure or entertainment. Make a few adjustments now to prepare for the colder weather when you can enjoy your garden in creative seasonal ways.

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