How to pack for a cold weather trip

How to pack for a cold weather trip

Whether you’re going on a trip to a cold destination for the first time, or are going back somewhere you’ve visited before, packing can be tricky. In this post find out how to pack for a cold weather trip and what you should be taking with you.


Wearing layers of lighter clothing is the best way to travel. Warm lightweight clothes that can be layered, are the best bet for cold weather trips. Clothes for cold weather need not be needlessly heavy, nor excessive, but they need to be appropriate for the travel destination. If the area you are travelling to is not a familiar one, pre-planning is a must. Check the weather forecast online or ask people you might know in the area so you can prepare yourself well. You don’t want to be stuck in a place that is cold at night, but warm in the daytime, with only heavy woollen clothes, and too much luggage.

The kind of travel, whether by bus, car, plane or by boat, is another concern when considering how to pack for a business or personal vacation trip. If going by bus you might only be able to take a small case or bag with you. If this is the case, you might need to layer up to ensure you are taking enough with you that isn’t packed.

Travel by car

If you are travelling by car, packing is easier unless, of course, the whole family is also going. For the car you might need items such as; a blanket, a pair of snow boots, cap, scarf, coat, and gloves. These can all go in the backseat of the car so they are easy to reach if you need them. In the suitcase, will be the warmer clothes items that will be useful at the destination. Layering again is advised.

That means you will start out in the warm area sensibly dressed. Shirt and trousers, shoes and socks instead of a vest top, shorts and sandals. A long sleeved shirt can be laid out in the back seat ready to be put on whenever the air begins to get cooler, and that will probably be within hours of starting your journey. Then a jumper or lightweight jacket will finish out the trip.

A heavier coat will probably be needed upon arrival but that will depend on the weather. It’s good to be prepared for changes in the weather forecast as we all know, it can be something different from one hour to the next.

Travel by plane

When traveling by plane, it is best to dress normally but carry a coat and wear hose. Actually, the more clothes one can wear is good. It means less expense paying for heavy luggage. Why layer by wearing two shirts, a lighter one under a heavier one, two pair of slacks, one lightweight and the other heavier. Save the small carry on luggage for hose, and other lightweight attire that will fit in nicely. Make it an easy trip and leave all the hassle behind.

Travel by boat

Traveling by boat is another story in itself. But as long as there are clothes suitable for any weather, it will probably be okay. It is always best, whenever traveling, to take only as much as is needed. No five pairs of shoes, and the same amount of bags. One of each will have to do, and about three different outfits, all color coordinated, and other essentials. Think twice about what is taken along on a trip, but make sure the clothing is lightweight but warm and can address most weather conditions. That is what layering is all about.

Tips for packing

The actual packing for a trip is the same. Rolling the garments such as blouses and trousers is better than folding them as they will end up with fewer wrinkles. How do you do that? Lay the longest garments crosswise the suitcase, half in and half out. Then on top of these the smaller items, the blouses and shirts, then fold the long items, or roll if the case is small; it creates fewer wrinkles.

What about the warmer items, sweaters and jackets? Unless one is traveling by plane, boat or bus, leave these in the back seat of the car. Don’t forget that warm pair of shoes and several pairs of socks. Keeping the feet warm and most often, the rest of the body stays warm.

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