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How to Raise a Respectful Child

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Respect is a key part of a child’s development into speaking to others, working with others and building strong relationships between friends, family and even their teachers. It’s not just about teaching them appropriate manners and being able to interact with others in a compassionate way, it’s also about cultivating a confident and strong-willed person as well.

In this guide from this girls prep school in London, we take a look at the ways to bring respect into your child’s world to raise a compassionate and kind individual.

Speak the language of someone who’s respected

Saying your pleases and thank yous is great, but it’s not just about saying phrases like these regularly. What you say, how you say it and when you say respectful things are how we build support from others. One key part of respect is giving it to people regardless of their age – earning respect and giving it are two parts to feeling valued and loved by others. 

Build cooperation between you and your child

Making your child feel like they’re a part of the group will help them understand that you can provide support no matter what age you are. Give them tasks that hold them responsibility in the home like small chores and looking after their bedrooms for example. 

If they make a mistake like causing a mess in the kitchen, ask them what they will do to rectify it without raising your voice or giving them a rude remark. Not only does this teach your child respect, but they’ll be able to navigate future situations that require decision making and critical thinking. Engage with your child as if they’re on the same level playing field as you – they’ll feel much more appreciated for their efforts.

Use activities to boost your child’s self-esteem

A lot of ways children learn respect is through their confidence in front of others. Give them time with you to increase their confidence and independence by taking them on day trips out with friends, encouraging them to take part in social activities and motivating them to pursue hobbies. 

Communicating with others and having them build relationships with new people is a fun and inviting way of showing your child how to socialise with others and form a bond with new people to build their own self-esteem. In turn, they’re able to understand visual cues, ways to open up conversations and learn to not interrupt friends, among other ways of offering respect.

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