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Potters Resort: Bungalow Plus accommodation review

On our recent break to Potters Resort in Hopton-on-Sea, Norfolk we stayed in the Bungalow Plus accommodation, an upgrade from the standard bungalow option.

At the time of booking our holiday we were asked how many people we had in our group and how many rooms we wanted. We could have had a separate bungalow for Mum on her own I think but it made more sense for us all to be together. I specifically asked for the bungalow accommodation but the standard option was didn’t suit our family set up. For an additional £5 per person per night we upgraded to the Bungalow Plus accommodation, which I was happy to pay.

Potters also has a hotel on the resort but all of these options incur an additional cost per person, per night and are more expensive than the bungalows. It’s worth discussing your needs when you book over the phone as some rooms might be more suitable for you than others.

Potters L108a


Our bungalows were L108 and L108a and were situated at the back of the resort near the football field. This area was really great for us as the bungalow was also opposite the play park and a couple of minutes walk to the beach. However, you can walk from one end of the resort to the other in about 5 minutes so no matter where you are, you are always close to everything.

Although we really liked the location of our bungalow I think we would have been happy anywhere. We have already booked another break for next year and have a bungalow near the family green instead.

Potters play park

The rooms

L108 and L108a are interconnecting bungalows which meant that we had a lockable door in the middle of our rooms.

John and I had a twin room (was supposed to be a double) and we didn’t mind having separate beds. We had a 3 drawer chest in-between the beds and a shelf above both. Each bed also had it’s own light above it and a UBB charging point. I really liked how modern the room was and that things like charging points had been thought about.

Potters Bungalow Plus accommodation

This room had a dressing table with stool, a separate chair and a fridge as well as plenty of drawer storage. Underneath the TV was a storage cupboard as well so I think no matter how much stuff you take with you, there will be somewhere to put it. We also had a really large wardrobe near the bathroom with shelves and hangers (and an iron and ironing board).

The room came with a tea and coffee tray which was really well stocked. There was a section of tea, coffee, sugars and milks with 2 mugs, a kettle and a teapot! There aren’t many places where you get a teapot so John was quite happy to see that.

Potters Bungalow Plus accommodation

Our bathroom here was really well suited to a family as it had both a bath and an overhead shower. We had 2 smaller towels and 2 bath towels on arrival as well as a couple of soaps and shower gels. These could be replaced from housekeeping each morning or you could ask for anything at reception as well if you needed it.

Potters Bungalow Plus accommodation

Mum and Erin had a room that had 3 beds, 2 of which were in a slightly darker area of the room and better suited for sleeping. This worked really well for Mum and Erin as they each had a choice of bed but also somewhere to sit if the other was still sleeping in the morning/ after Erin had gone to sleep at night. The lights above the beds also meant that the whole room didn’t need to have a light on.

Potters Bungalow Plus Accommodation

Again, their room had a dressing table and stool as well as a chair but no fridge. You can rent fridges for your break if you call up beforehand and these cost around £10 for a 4 night break. There was also wardrobe space behind two of the beds with both shelves and a rail. The bathroom in this room had only a shower rather than a bath but was still stocked with enough towels and toiletries.

Potters Bungalow Plus accommodation

For the most part, we had no problems with our rooms. Our only slight issue was that the Potters Live channel didn’t work on one of the TVs but it wasn’t a problem for us so we didn’t do anything about it.

Did it work for us?

We were really happy with our accommodation at Potters and would definitely stay in these bungalows again should we need that amount of space. It can be hard booking somewhere you’ve never been before and not knowing what to expect but the staff at Potters can answer any questions you might have at the time of booking and they can help you find the right accommodation for you.

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