What To Think About When Designing Your Child's Bedroom

How To Redecorate Your Child’s Room As They Grow Up

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Bedrooms are the heart of a child’s life. It’s the best place they have to rest, relax and play in peace, but only if it’s somewhere they’re comfortable spending their free time. Their preferences and interests will change as they get older, so their idea of the ‘perfect room’ won’t be the same forever. If you can’t work out what they don’t like about their room anymore, you might need some help understanding how to redecorate your child’s room as they grow up.

Choose decorations with meaning

The best decorations have a sentimental meaning or history to them, so your child won’t mind having them around even if they stick out from the style they prefer. A photo collage of holiday photographs or a framed copy of an important letter can be a timeless present that they’ll even be able to take with them if they eventually move out.

Plan ahead with furniture

What To Think About When Designing Your Child's Bedroom

If your child is still in their early school years, giving them a desk as soon as possible is a must. They might not use it for a year or two, but it’ll make a big difference once they start getting homework or have to study for tests. The same can be said for chairs, mirrors and ay other kind of ‘adult furniture’ as long as you have the space for them.

It might also be a good idea to do this with their bed. As soon as they’re out of the cot, give them a bet that’ll last until early adulthood at the very least. They’ll love having so much space and you’ll save a lot of money on having to buy new beds and mattresses constantly.

Use temporary decorations

You should always decorate the room with things that aren’t hard to take down: children change their minds all the time and can switch from loving their room’s design to hating it overnight. If they want wall art, try to avoid things that need to be nailed in and keep them focused on easy-to-stick-up posters.

Furniture might be harder to remove, so finding things that are easy to disassemble and move can help a lot. Choosing cheaper decorations for your child will save you a lot of money in the long run, especially when they’re still young and more focused on looks than quality.

Give them suitable flooring

It can be tricky to change the floor of a room once it’s full of furniture, so it’s a good idea to replace it before they hit their mid-teenage years. Hardwood plank and luxury vinyl tile flooring are both popular choices, and you can easily cover them with a rug if your child still wants some extra colour or padding.


How To Redecorate Your Child’s Room As They Grow Up

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