Latest Trending Interior Design Movements Predicted for 2024

AD | Collaborative post Whether you are an enthusiastic design student studying for your A Levels at college, a professional interior designer, or a self-confessed DIY superstar, staying ahead of trends and fashions is vital. Interior design trends are always changing, so continue reading to learn of the latest trending interior design styles predicted for 2024.

How to make your home cosy this autumn

AD | Collaborative post Although I’m sad to see the end of summer, it now means autumn is here. I love when the leaves turn shades of gold and scarlet and you can crunch them under your feet as you walk! What better way to celebrate autumn than by giving your home a cosy makeover? In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of autumn home decor, and give you some ideas to make your home the perfect place to relax in.

Home Improvements To Consider As You Get Older

AD | Collaborative post I hate to say it but the years seem to be passing by far too fast at the minute and it seems like it was only yesterday that I was celebrating being 25. Now, I am closer to 35 and since having Erin I have really started to think about the future more. We bought this house with the intention of doing the huge list of improvements it needs and making it our forever home. We’re nowhere near being done so I think we probably will stay here unless something huge

5 Benefits Of Adding A Conservatory To Your Home

AD | Collaborative post When we bought our house nearly 5 years ago we did so knowing that we had a bit of extra space outside and we might not actually need it all. We have a fairly nicely sized patio area to the side of our kitchen which follows on to a really large lawn. A lot of the time, the back end of our house doesn’t really work for us and while we can’t afford to extend, a conservatory could be a more affordable option. Here are 5 benefits of adding a conservatory

5 Ways To Give Your Child’s Bedroom A Makeover

AD | Collaborative post. Erin turned 3 at the beginning of the year. She is still in the same bedroom as she was when she was born and it’s been a long time since we first decorated that room. I tried to keep it very neutral at the time with no gender specific features but at the time we didn’t know Erin or her personality. Now that Erin knows what she likes and she doesn’t I’ve been thinking about giving her bedroom a bit of a makeover to suit her better. Here are some ideas:

How To Redecorate Your Child’s Room As They Grow Up

AD | Collaborative post Bedrooms are the heart of a child’s life. It’s the best place they have to rest, relax and play in peace, but only if it’s somewhere they’re comfortable spending their free time. Their preferences and interests will change as they get older, so their idea of the ‘perfect room’ won’t be the same forever. If you can’t work out what they don’t like about their room anymore, you might need some help understanding how to redecorate your child’s room as they grow up. Choose decorations with meaning The best decorations have

Self-indulgence: Convert A Spare Room Into A Luxury Beauty Room

There is nothing more luxurious feeling than waking up in the morning and getting dressed in a beautifully designed beauty room. It’s like putting on armour for the day before you, it’s the luxury of taking couple minutes for yourself without the little ones or your partner. Making the beauty room your own means that can be your ultimate relaxation space – your personal sanctuary of sorts. It can be a space for all things your favourite This is the one space in your house, where everything should be to your taste. The theme you’ll

Why I Won’t Be Making Resolutions This New Year

I’m not sure I’ve ever really made proper resolutions in the traditional sense but for the past few years I have made goals for both the family and for work. Usually at this time of year I would be posting about what I want to get done or do over the next year but for the past 2, maybe more, things haven’t really gone to plan. I start every year with really good intentions. Last year I wanted to make sure we spent the day as a family on Sundays but instead it’s turned into