How To Spruce Up Your Home In Spring

How To Spruce Up Your Home In Spring

Now that spring is well and truly here it’s time to start thinking about getting those jobs done that you’ve been putting off all winter. I personally have loads of things I would like to get done around the house and in the garden this spring.

My biggest wish for this year is to decorate the living room. I am so sick of seeing white walls everywhere in the house and the living room needs some colour. I have my heart set on a navy, mustard and grey theme but still can’t quite work on what I want where. The living room is too big to be able to cope with navy walls and the grey made it seem too cold when I had samples up. I have been warming towards trying something really bold and I’m a bit in love with Sudbury Yellow from Farrow and Ball.

Painting a living room as big as ours (roughly 26ft and then a bit more on the side) takes a lot of prep work which is partially why we haven’t painted it yet. Before we even think about buying paint though we need to stock up on painting supplies from Engelbert Strauss. I like to use a mix of paint brushes as well as rollers and I like to have quite a lot of each. When you have to wash them after each use and then wait for them to dry out, it makes sense to have a second (or third) set.

If a big job like painting isn’t really your thing or you’re looking for something much easier then some new accessories may be the way to go. A quick fix for us would be to get some new storage as Erin’s toys take over the living room. The Ikea Trofast storage systems are such a good way to store a lot of toys and they don’t have to take up much space depending on the unit you buy.

Photo courtesy of Mama Geek.

Making a few changes in spring doesn’t have to mean spending much money or doing a massive job. It could mean doing something as simple as giving your windows a really good clean or buying a couple of plants or flowers to keep in the house. Spring is a great time to make some changes and the possibilities are endless.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All opinions are our own. 

How To Spruce Up Your Home In Spring

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