Toddler Books We've Been Reading: March 2018

Toddler Books We’ve Been Reading: March 2018

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Even before Erin was born books have been a big deal in our family. We try to make sure she gets to read (look at) a wide range of books and always has plenty available to her. Each month I’ll be writing about what books we’ve been reading with Erin and also posting a video! So, here’s what we’ve been reading this month:

Fergal is Fuming by Robert Starling

Toddler Books We've Been Reading: March 2018

Erin has been having a few anger issues lately so this book couldn’t have come at a better time.

Here’s what the book is about

A dragon with a short temper is not a good combination, as Fergal’s family and friends soon find out. He burns the dinner (literally), reduces the football goal to ashes and absolutely cannot play a nice, quiet board game. It is only when he starts to notice other animals have clever tricks to calm down that Fergal begins to win back his friends, especially when he discovers dragons can cool off in a very handy way.

You can buy Fergal is Fuming on Amazon.

Toddler Books We've Been Reading

Erin is a massive fan of books with flaps so these two from Walker Books are perfect for Erin. Surprising Birds is a Lift-the-Flap Colours book while Big Dog, Little Dog is a Lift-the-Flap Opposites book. 

Each book is really bright and colourful and they really keep Erin busy for a little while. She is able to describe what the dogs are doing or what they are as well as being able to pick out colours in the bird book. These books are not very long but they’re a great way to help children learn in a fun and familiar way.

Toddler Books We've Been Reading

For once, we haven’t really changed our books around this month apart from these new books. What have you been reading with your toddlers this month? Let me know in the comments. 

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