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Ikea Alex/ Linnmon Desk Review

When it came to organising some space for me to work at home the biggest thing I had to think about was the desk. I already had some great storage but no where to actually sit down and work. I needed something that would fit in a bit of a strange space, but also suit any kind of decor as we haven’t decorated in this room yet. Ikea was not my number one choice to be completely honest. I wanted something a bit less modern but after having a good look around, I finally settled on the Alex/ Limmon Table in White. (This exact model is no longer available but you can design a desk here).

The Alex/ Limmon Table cost £129 which was by far the best value for money that I could find. It measures a whopping 200cm long and comes with 10 drawers. I know I didn’t really need more storage but a few extra drawers never hurt anyone!

The desk was really easy to put together and I managed to do it myself in only about 30 minutes. However, I guess I didn’t really read the description of the product as well as I maybe should have done. The picture on the Ikea website shows the desk exactly as you can see it in my picture below. However, it doesn’t say anywhere clearly that the actual desktop is not attached in any way to the drawers.

So, after a couple of weeks of using the desk as it was, I got so annoyed! The top kept moving all over the place and I kept pushing it by accident, sending it out of line. I couldn’t stand it any more. You do get little glue dots to help stop the top moving but it’s so large that they just don’t work. I have now added velcro to the tops of my drawers and the underneath of the table to keep it all in place. I am so much happier with it now after doing this.

The above picture was taken the day I put the desk together and it’s so lovely and clean. You can see the masses of desk space there is available and just how big the unit is. Now that I have been using it for a few months, it does not look anything like that anymore. My printer and Lumie Desklamp take up quite a lot of space, as does my planners and to-do lists.

Alex/ Limmon Table
Even though I generally have my printer at the very end of the desk, it gets moved A LOT. I actually use my desk to take a lot of my blog photos! The space at the end is PERFECT for my Capture by Lucy backdrop. My desk is right in front of a window so I get great natural light a lot of the time.

So up to here, I have a massive workspace for £129. I haven’t even really mentioned all of the crap I can fit in the 10 drawers! On the left hand side I tend to keep review items, the smaller ones at least. However, the space underneath the desk next to the drawers is also perfect for keeping the larger items if I have no space on the shelving in my office. On the right hand side I have some stationery, a drawer for my nicest pens and things I use every day. I also use this side to keep technology like my tablet, headphones and power bank. Erin also hasn’t figured out that these drawers open yet so everything in there is pretty safe.

Although the Alex/ Limmon Table has its flaws, I really do think it is the perfect desk for me. I love having so much space to spread out as I use a lot of different things at the same time. I actually may not have bought it had I known the table wasn’t going to be attached! 

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  1. How easy is it to get home? Delivery from IKEA is an eye-watering £35, but it’s 200cm long which can be quite a squeeze in the car!

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