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Our house is a bit strange. Yep, strange. We bought a fixer upper knowing that loads of work needed to be done. Something we really struggle with is finding places to put things, especially in the bathroom. We actually have a separate bathroom and WC and each room needs storage. We have a double bathroom cabinet in the bathroom already, jam packed with toiletries. There is no more space in there at all.

We recently received a gorgeous LED battery cabinet from Lumino and I am so impressed with it.

We decided that instead of replacing our large bathroom cabinet would would use this opportunity to clear up some of the clutter on our bathroom windowsill. Anyone else plan on keeping it clutter free and instead fill it up with shampoo bottles and shower gel? Mine has been driving me mad for the longest time.

Once we had decided to put the cabinet in our WC picking a location was easy. The room is tiny and we have a large mirror above the sink and there is only one other solid wall. Our WC is underneath the stairs so the back and side walls are made from wood. The cabinet comes with really simple instructions but that’s all that was needed.

Installing the cabinet is really simple. First, you need to figure out where you want to put it, use a spirit level and mark in the screw holes where you need to drill. After this it’s really plain sailing, just drill and screw in! Oh, there is also a panel on the inside of the cabinet door where you put 3 AA batteries for the LED feature to work. The cabinet took a whole 10 minutes to get up on the wall.

I know that we’ve chosen to put our cabinet in quite a strange place, with it being above the toilet to the side. However, we didn’t really have a lot of wall space to choose from but I’m still really happy with it.

The Tremolo LED Battery Cabinet comes with 2 adjustable shelves so you can customise the inside. I find this really helpful because people will want to use the cabinet for different things and have different needs when it comes to what they put inside! We’re using ours as a medicine cabinet. It is in a place that Erin can’t reach yet and even if she could, she would need a hell of a lot of strength to open the door!

The best feature about this bathroom cabinet is that it has LED lights, meaning no wiring and no electricity being used. I pretty much get up every night to go to the WC and I HATE putting the light on in there because it’s too bright. I love, love, love the light on this cabinet. It’s bright without being blinding and it makes the unit multi functional.

When we do finally getting round to redecorating in the WC this will probably get moved to above the sink but for now, it works well and has cleared up some space in my bathroom! Lumino also sell LED mirrors and double cabinets, which I would love for our bathroom.

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