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Office Furniture to Boost Productivity

When you are at work there’s nothing worse than being surrounded by a dull environment and ugly furniture. What you want instead is office furniture that maximises space and looks beautiful at the same time. For me, having a workspace that is large, spacious and full of storage is one of the most important things. If I am at a cramped desk with work all over the place because there is no where to put it, I don’t get much done. Mess = stress for me.

A lot of office furniture is really plain and boring. While this makes it easy to fit into any office, it doesn’t inspire much does it? I am so in love with the MOOD range from Calibre Office Furniture and Interiors. The desks can come in your normal colours and finishes, like white or woods such as ash and maple. However, they also have pops of colour to them which will brighten up any office. I personally love the yellow which you can see below. What better than to see a splash of the sun while you’re working?

I’m not sure how well office managers would like this idea if people stocked them with things they shouldn’t but I love the idea of having a drinks cabinet and fridge underneath my desk. I like to always have a drink and a snack to hand while I’m working so this would be perfect for me. My fridge would probably be stocked with coke and the cupboard filled with Mars Bars and Salt and Vinegar Crisps! This would definitely boost productivity for me as I wouldn’t need to leave my desk so often!

Another must have for a productive office is a really good office chair! There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable while you work. I need a chair where I can lean back if I need to, something with nice, soft arm rests and some comfy padding as I tend to sit there for a long time! The Lexus Exec chair is exactly the kind of thing that I’d want. This one comes in three different materials and loads of different colour options so there is bound to be one for everyone.

If I had these three items in my own office I would be extremely happy and I know I would have a better productivity rate because of them.

What are your office furniture must haves? 


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