Improving my home office with a standing desk

Improving my home office with the Yo Yo Desk Pro 1 standing desk

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Being self-employed and working from home I spend a lot of time at a computer. Sometimes this is a desktop and sometimes it’s a laptop. I am very lucky that I have my own office space at home and I have some freedom as to when and how I work. However, sitting at a desk all day can cause back ache, amongst other things, so recently I’ve been trying out the Yo Yo Desk Pro 1.

The Yo Yo Desk Pro 1

Unlike a regular desk that you sit at on an office chair, the Yo Yo Desk Pro 1 is a standing desk. The desk comes in various colour ways, with options for different coloured frames and desktops so you can choose something to suit your office space. There are also multiple size options available from XXS (100x60cm) to medium (140x70cm). I went for the small desk as I already had a place in mind for it, where it would fit perfectly.

Yo Yo Desk Pro 1 set up with Yo Yo mat

Building the desk

An installation service is available for an addition cost but I chose not to go with this and instead, put the desk together myself. The boxes the desk are delivered in are VERY heavy, as the frame is metal and the desktop is solid.

The instructions are very well laid out and very easy to follow, which isn’t normally the case with a piece of furniture you build yourself. Even the screws etc. come in a bag labelled so you know exactly which thing you need and when.

It took me and my husband around an hour to put the desk together and you probably do need 2 people for it. This is mostly so someone can hold the pieces in place while the other puts the screws in etc. I would have struggled on my own just because some of the pieces are so heavy and I don’t have 8 arms! Overall though, the desk was really easy to put together and if you have a large space to do it in, it would probably take less time.

Me using the Yo Yo Desk Pro 1

Benefits of a standing desk

Although we’re used to sitting at a desk to work there are so many benefits to standing instead. This includes burning more calories, boosting blood circulation and controlling low blood pressure. If you work standing instead of sitting you’re also less likely to fidget and it can help to improve your posture. The days of sitting and slouching in a chair are over.

Adjusting the Yo Yo desk

Regular desks are usually all around the same height and of course, not all of us are the same. The great thing about the Yo Yo Desk Pro 1 is that it is adjustable, powered by a single motor fitted with SilentMotion™ technology. The desk height can be adjusted using the simple up/ down switch and the maximum height is 124cm, meaning it can be suitable for people up to 6ft 1.

Yo Yo Desk Pro 1 controls

Using an anti-fatigue Yo Yo mat

It is recommended that you also use a Yo Yo Mat with your standing desk. It’s important that you make sure you look after yourself and reduce the risk of any injuries and strains. If you’re standing on a hard surface, this can put additional pressure on certain parts of your body. The Yo Yo Mat is cushioned, which helps to encourage small but regular movements, meaning blood keeps circulating and reducing risk of pain and pressure.

Yo Yo Mat underneath desk

My experience using the desk

Being that person who is so used to sitting at a desk to work every day, I wondered how I would get on with a standing desk. It’s not something I’d ever used before and I didn’t know how comfortable I would be using it.

Yo Yo Desk Pro 1 desktop set up

It didn’t take me very long to get used to the desk at all, and that was quite surprising. I tend to move around quite a lot when I work, as I need to get different things in my office at different times. I’m not sure I realised how often I must get up and down from my chair during the day. Standing at the desk, at the height that is much better for me, I’m very comfortable working. Maybe the big thing here is that I can make the desk just right for me.

Something else I like about the desk is how much space there is underneath. The desk doesn’t come with storage but I already had a drawer unit I could use and it fit perfectly. This means that you can customise your work area a bit if you need additional storage.

Yo Yo Desk Pro 1

Not only is the Yo Yo Desk Pro 1 really practical for any office space but it’s also beautiful. I am so happy with my choice and it definitely makes wanting to go to work each day that little bit easier.


Improving my home office with the Yo Yo Desk Pro 1 standing desk

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