Sticklebricks and Plasticine

Introducing Erin to retro toys: Stickle Bricks and Plasticine

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If you’re a parent, really of a child any age, you’ll have probably mentioned something about toys not being the same as when you were young. I’ve definitely said it to Erin numerous times and I’m sure I’ll carry on doing it as she gets older. Recently I got to introduce Erin to some retro toys from my childhood; Plasticine and Stickle Bricks.

Plasticine products

Plasticine on a tray

Erin has been playing with Play Doh for as long as I can remember but now that she’s older, more creative and is happy to spend more time doing something I thought it was about time we upgraded. There are lots of different sets of Plasticine available from basic colours, a mix of colours and sets that include cutters and tools.

Making with Plasticine

Using Plasticine tools

Unlike Play Doh, Plasticine is a lot more durable and long lasting because it doesn’t dry out and go hard. No matter how hard you try, things like this always end up getting left out or forgotten about so it’s nice to know it can be used over and over again. For us, this is really important as Erin likes to make things and then have them out on display for a while.

Plasticine dragonfly

Plasticine creations

Plasticine can be rolled, mixed into different colours and moulded into endless possibilities. Erin can sit and play with Plasticine for hours at a time and she takes a lot of care and time with her creations. A few things Erin has made in the past have been spaghetti and sauce in a bowl, letters by using a knife and very cute pig. As children get older, they can make things with a bit more detail and maybe follow tutorials or copy pictures to make more complicated items.

Sticklebricks Fun Tub

Sticklebricks Fun Tub

One of my personal favourites is Stickle Bricks, something that I remember playing with many years ago. You don’t need a huge set of this to get yourself started but there are still loads of things that you can make. The Fun Tub comes with plenty of pieces to get your started including wheels and two people!

Sticklebricks Fun Tub

Sticklebricks Fun Tub

With Stickle Bricks you’re really starting with a black canvas and children can be really creative with what they make. The box, which doubles as storage, does have some ideas on the front just in case children do need a helping hand to get started.

Erin is super creative and always has an idea in her head of what she might want to make. With Stickle Bricks, if something isn’t quite right or needs to be moved, this can be done really easily without having to break anything up. Because of all of the different shapes and sizes in the Stickle Bricks Fun Tub, Erin is able to make so many different things and spend hours having loads of fun.

Both Plasticine and Stickle Bricks can be purchased from Smyths.

Did you play with either of these as a child or maybe your own children do now. Let me know!


Introducing Erin to retro toys: Stickle Bricks and Plasticine

7 thoughts on “Introducing Erin to retro toys: Stickle Bricks and Plasticine”

  1. We love stickle bricks and they used to be my absolute favourite thing when I was a child!!! Can now play with them again with Nila 🙂

  2. Oh I loved plasticine when I was younger! its great seeing all the classic toys back. Thanks, this is a good idea for me to get my little girl as I think she too is getting a bit big for playdoh now and could do with something she can make more intricate models with. (I love the look of concentration on your daughters face when she’s making hers – so sweet)

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