Is A Designer Sofa A Smart Choice When You Have Kids

Is A Designer Sofa A Smart Choice When You Have Kids

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When you have kids, you start to question all of your decisions. Mostly, you think to yourself; is this suitable for young children? It’s a question to ask when buying pretty much anything to do with your home – such as brand new furniture

You’re thinking about purchasing a new sofa for your living room, but you’re not sure whether or not to go down the designer route. There are some really beautiful designer couches and sofas out there, but is it wise to spend a lot of money on something this nice when you have young children? 

Let’s look at some of the main things you might be worried about:

Kids love making a mess

Okay, this is undeniable! Your first worry is that you spend a lot of money on a nice couch, only for your kids to stain it with God knows what. No matter how good of a parent you are, and how well you’ve trained your kids, they will always spill something – and it will almost always be a very bright colour that’s hard to remove. 

So, yes, your fear here is natural. Spilling things or getting dirt on a designer sofa can be costly and ruin your investment. However, you could attempt to prevent this by stopping anyone from drinking or eating on the sofa. Better yet, find a sofa protector to throw over it, keeping the actual material safe from stains. 

Kids love jumping on stuff

Again, we can’t deny this. Kids love jumping around and climbing on everything – especially the sofa in your living room! 

Therefore, you worry that investing in a designer sofa will be a waste of money if they keep jumping and climbing all over it. The fear is that they just break the sofa extremely quickly. It’s a normal fear to have, but consider this…designed sofas are stronger than cheap ones. If anything, they are more likely to hold up to constant use than a less expensive option. 

Obviously, you should also encourage your children not to jump on the sofa, so this shouldn’t really be an ongoing problem. 

Kids don’t understand the value of things

Young children have no concept of what is or isn’t expensive. They don’t really know what money means, so seeing a shiny new sofa won’t mean anything to them. It looks exactly the same as the old one, but the newness makes them curious. 

As such, they might start scratching the sofa or picking at the material when they’re bored/curious. Again, this worries you as it means your brand new designed couch can get damaged very easily. Just like the staining issue, a sofa protector or blanket can prevent this – as can some good parenting! 

Overall, it is still a smart choice to get a designer sofa when you have kids. As long as you teach them how to look after it – and possibly protect it with something – there shouldn’t be any problems. Plus, if you got something a lot cheaper, the chances are your kids will break it a lot faster and you’ll need to keep on buying a new sofa every few years anyway!

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