Finding The Perfect Summer Shoes With JD Williams

Finding The Perfect Summer Shoes With JD Williams

I hate winter. I absolutely hate it. I cannot stand the cold and wearing winter boots for months on end is my idea of hell. If it wasn’t super cold a lot of the time I would probably wear sandals all year round. Having hot feet is horrible and I love the freedom of wearing sandals. The sandals I had last year were a bit beaten up after playing in the garden with Erin for hours on end so this year I desperately needed some new shoes ready for summer. JD Williams came to the rescue and really kitted me out with some wonderful sandals. 

JD Williams sells shoes from a whole range of brands and I was instantly drawn to their collection from Skechers, which is my absolute favourite brand for shoes. I have quite wide feet and I find that I never really have to try Sketchers on because I know they always fit really well.

The first pair of sandals that I chose was the Skechers On the GO 600 – Monarch sandal. I tend to be in and out of the house quite a lot especially on days where Erin is at home. We can be in and out of the garden numerous times so I needed shoes that would not only keep my feet cool but would be easy to slip on and off as well. This pair is so soft and the flower pattern on the front is really summery, even though the colour of the sandals are quite dark. These would also be a fantastic choice for taking on holiday if you’re going somewhere with a beach. 

While I was getting myself really sorted for summer I also chose a pair of SKECHERS Relaxed Fit®: Reggae Fest shoes. These were a really different choice for me because mostly all of my shoes are dark colours. I am a big fan of navy and it’s generally one of the only colours of clothes I wear as well but I wanted a change. These shoes look like a mix between a walking shoe and trainers but there are cut outs in the sides which help to keep your feet cool. I love that the fronts are elasticated as it means they are perfect if you do have wide feet like me, but they’d also be great if your feet aren’t wide as well. The light colour means that the shoes will go with nearly anything and they’re also super comfortable due to the memory foam sole inside! 

After being a bit adventurous with the Skechers shoes I thought I would try something a bit different with new sandals as well. I fell in love with these Cushion Walk Flower Detail Sandals. Gold shoes are not really my sort of thing usually but the flower detail on these was so pretty and I just couldn’t resist. This pair has elasticated straps at the front and around the ankle and they are really comfortable to walk in.

The fourth and final pair of shoes that I picked was the Heavenly Soles T Bar Sandals in an extra wide EEE fit. Being a fan of navy I had to pick at least one pair in my favourite colour and these were a great choice. Although the front of the shoe isn’t adjustable or elasticated they are plenty wide enough for me and there is still a bit of extra room for comfort. This pair of sandals will literally go with every item of clothing in my wardrobe so I know I can put them on without thinking and be ready to head out the door in minutes… exactly what I need when I’m running late to take Erin to nursery.

Fancy a better look at the shoes? Be sure to watch the video below:

I really enjoyed my shopping experience with JD Williams and as a first time shopper, I was really impressed. I found there to be so much choice and it took me a while to decide on what I wanted because of this. I sometimes struggle shopping online for shoes because of having wide feet but I would certainly go back to JD Williams when it comes time to buy some more shoes for winter!

Disclaimer: We received products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.  


Finding The Perfect Summer Shoes With JD Williams



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