Toddler Summer Clothes Haul From George

Even though we went on holiday last month Erin didn’t have nearly enough clothes to last her the summer. I did go on a little shopping trip to our local Sainsbury’s store not too long ago but didn’t really manage to get what I wanted for Erin, especially as some of what I bought doesn’t fit yet. We live in a small town and while Norwich is only 30 minutes away by train, it’s not really very convenient if you need something quickly. So, I have always liked the clothes from Asda for myself and I remember having loads for Erin was she was first born so I had a bit of a browse online and made an order!

The first thing on my list was to find Erin some shorts. I’m having a really hard time finding shorts to fit Erin really well. I got 2 pairs from Next in 2-3 years just before our holiday and only 1 pair fit. Then, I got shorts from Sainsbury’s in 18-24 months and not all of them fit. Erin is nearly 2 and a half but her bottom half is still a strange size for her age. I managed to find a pack of 5 pairs of shorts for only £10 at Asda! The shorts have elasticated waists and are a really lovely range of colours and patterns. A matching pack of t-shirts was also available but Erin has loads of white t-shirts that would match well already.

Asda Toddler Shorts

Some of the shorts that Erin did already have are denim so pretty much will go with most tops. While Erin had plenty of t-shirts she didn’t have many vests. I really loved this pack of three vests and they only cost £6. I don’t normally put Erin is quite so pale colours but I figured these would keep her cool on really hot days.

Asda toddler vests

My third and final purchase was a pack of 2 playsuits for £7. I loved having Erin in similar clothes last summer and they sort of solve the issue of shorts falling down! I love the colours on these and the bunny pattern on one set. These playsuits are really soft and they make it so Erin can run around and play comfortably and still stay cool. My only issue is that there are no poppers to help with nappy changes so we do have to take the whole thing off for that!

Asda toddler playsuits

Take a better look at the clothes in the video below:

Do you shop at Asda regularly? After my recent order I think I’ll be looking there a bit more often. I’d love to know what items you find are better than others.


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