Kally Sleep Body Pillow Review

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For as long as I can remember I haven’t been a good sleeper. I used to think it was a mix of working weird hours, drinking too many fizzy drinks or maybe having a bad diet. Honestly, it could be a mixture of all kinds of reasons but I think since having Erin nearly 4 years ago, it’s gotten worse. I don’t remember the last time I actually slept for more than 3 hours without waking up for one reason or another. So, when I was offered a body pillow from Kally Sleep I was open to giving it a go.

The body pillow comes packaged in a lovely case, one side fabric and one side clear plastic so you can see inside. The pillow is curled up inside so if you ever want to store it somewhere or take it away with you it won’t take up an awful lot of room. I imagine a lot of people get used to sleeping with this kind of pillow once they start so it’s great that it’s easy to take everywhere with you.

Kally Sleep Body Pillow

Once unrolled, the body pillow ends up looking like a sort of long sausage shaped pillow that comes with a breathable cotton, button-up pillowcase. There are a few different colours available but I went for navy seeing as it’s my favourite colour. The pillow is designed to give support for your back, neck and spine while promoting a healthy sleeping position.

Kally Sleep Body Pillow

Length wise, the pillow takes up roughly 3/4 of the length of our double bed. I remember leaving it under the duvet the first time I used it (for a day time nap) and John came home later and thought there was someone in the bed! The pillow is quite a lot larger than I thought it would be and it does take up quite a lot more space in the bed than I was imagining.

To use the Kally Sleep body pillow you should have it between your knees, elbows and lower legs while supporting your head and neck. Sleeping with the body pillow is a bit like giving something a really lovely hug. Unfortunately, my husband is a bit sad that I am now hugging a pillow at night instead of him.

Kally Sleep Body Pillow

I’ll be completely honest, sleeping with the Kally Sleep body pillow has taken some getting used to. When you’ve only slept with pretty flat pillows and a duvet for a large number of years changing how you sleep is a big deal. Sleeping with the pillow means generally having to face one way in bed and not move too much. I do get annoyed with the pillow some nights if I try to turn over and it sometimes ends up on the floor instead of in bed.

I’ve been using the Kally Sleep body pillow for a few weeks now and although I haven’t completely got to grips with it I have noticed an improvement in my sleep quality. I wake up less during the night, some nights not at all, which is a bit of a miracle. I also have a bad hip thanks to hip dysplasia and a metal pin and at this time of year I tend to feel tension and pain. I haven’t felt this nearly as much as normal for this time of year and the only change I have made is the body pillow.

Find out more about the Kally Sleep body pillow here.


Kally Sleep Body Pillow Review

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  1. Oh this pillow looks amazing. I have always struggled to get to sleep after having my daughter and need to cuddle something if I do. So I would love to try this pillow.

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