Kärcher SC3 Easyfix Steam Cleaner Review

Something you won’t ever hear out of my mouth is ‘My house is spotless’. Erin keeps me on my toes most of the time and while she’s at nursery 3 days a week I can usually be found at my desk working (or napping) and I know I don’t make enough time for the housework. We unfortunately bought a house where the previous owners hadn’t looked after it very well and we’ve ended up with some areas that are really hard to clean so I just don’t like doing it. However, we were sent the Kärcher SC3 Easyfix recently and I actually couldn’t wait to use it.

Kärcher SC3 Easyfix Steam Cleaner

The SC3 Easyfix comes with the main base, water filter and various attachments. I was glad to see a floor cleaner, hand nozzle and a normal nozzle with a brush attachment. The hand and floor attachments also came with microfiber covers than can be washed/ cleaned between uses. Something else I loved was that there was also 2 poles so that you can length the handle and reach some really tough areas.

Kärcher SC3 Easyfix Steam Cleaner

Putting the SC3 Easyfix was really simple and took a matter of seconds. After attaching the wheels, adding in the water filter and choosing which attachment I wanted to use I was pretty much ready to go. The water tank can hold 1 liter of water and there is a light to tell you when you need to add more. The handle has three different settings so you can change the power to high or low and even put a lock on so children can’t use the machine!

Kärcher SC3 Easyfix Steam Cleaner

I don’t know why but I thought I would tackle some of the worst areas in the house first. The bathroom is my most hated room because it’s had awful paint put on the tiles along with white emulsion and it’s just not been looked after so there is worked in dirt all over.

Our sink was generally a bit grimy and there was stains on both of the taps. I use the regular nozzle here, along with the small brush attachment and I set to work.

I used no cleaning aids or chemicals whatsoever, only the water in the steam cleaner. I did use the highest steam setting and a bit of elbow grease but I really didn’t need to put much effort in at all. I couldn’t believe the difference after only 5-10 minutes of cleaning. My sink looked completely different and it really shined!

Next up was the bit I was dreading… the tiles! I have tried to clean these so many times and nothing seemed to have ever worked very well. Within seconds I was really impressed with how well the SC3 worked. Just to show you exactly how well it worked, here are some pictures during cleaning and be warned, they are not pretty!

So, the after picture isn’t the best as it doesn’t really show just how much cleaner it is now. But, the amount of dirt that I managed to get out was amazing and I think if I give this another couple of goes it will be even cleaner! The problem with this area of our bathroom is that white emulsion was used on top of tile and wood so it’s quite hard to really get to everywhere that needs cleaning. Regardless, I was really happy with the results!

After the bathroom I wanted to give the floors a quick clean as well. The floor nozzle has a removable microfiber cloth which attaches by velcro and is super easy to put on and remove. As I didn’t need an intense clean on this floor I used the lower steam setting and it still worked really well. As you can see from the after picture, this is what came up from what I thought was a relatively clean floor.

Now, one of the really great things about the Kärcher SC3 Easyfix is the storage. The thing is, this one all stays together after use as there are places to put everything. I hate having bits and pieces laying around and attachments end up going missing this way but not any more! After putting the attachments away and tidying up the wires, this now goes in our under the stairs cupboard really nicely and I don’t have to worry about any of it getting lost or damaged.

Kärcher SC3 Easyfix Steam Cleaner

I think the pictures in this post really speak for themselves and when I say I am impressed with the Kärcher SC3 Easyfix, I really mean it. This machine has really changed how I clean at home and I actually think I can get certain rooms to a nice standard now. I’ll definitely be looking for other Kärcher products to use now too!

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