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How To Keep Your Blog Organised In The New Year

Wow, it’s now 2018 and this year will be my first full year being self-employed. Technically, I was self-employed for all of 2017 but I also worked in a supermarket until the end of the summer. Working from home full time is quite a lot of pressure as I have to earn a certain amount each month to keep up. Keeping on top of everything is a hell of a lot of work so here are some ways to keep your blog organised in the New Year.


It would be lovely to stay that working from home means being sat at my desk, working away at my Mac. It’s really not like that though and Erin and I are often out and about, away for the weekend as a family or away on holiday. Being self-employed means not really getting a whole lot of time off, no matter where you are or what you’re doing and for that, portable technology is the key. No one wants to lug around a heavy laptop and I’m not lucky enough to own a Macbook Pro!

Up until recently, I have always owned android tablets but now I have the Linx 820 from I never thought a tablet would make such a big difference to me but this one really does! I sometimes go away for a weekend here and there on my own or sometimes we travel for quite a few hours as a family. When we do we tend to book trains that suit Erin’s nap times. I like to work when I travel and the Linx 820 tablet is perfect for taking away with me. I have paired it with a great case with built in keyboard which makes working on trains so much easier.

How To Keep Your Blog Organised In The New Year

How To Keep Your Blog Organised In The New Year

As the tablet runs with Windows 10, I am able to use everything that I would on my laptop but without the size and weight. It even comes with Word and Excel so I can write blog posts on the go even when there is no WiFi available!


I have a bit of a (un)healthy obsession with planners and notebooks. My husband is forever saying ‘Oh, you got another notebook nobody is allowed to write in.’ You see, he has terrible man handwriting and my notebooks are far too nice and pretty for the likes of that. Sorry John! I have a shelf full of notebooks and I think it’s safe to say that the collection will grow at some point this year.

How To Keep Your Blog Organised In The New Year

I have a set of notebooks, planners and planner pads on my desk all of the time, which are:

  1. Daily to-do list pad
  2. Dodo weekly planner
  3. Dodo plain pad
  4. Caroline Gardner Ultimate Organiser and Planner

I use each one for different things such as daily lists, Youtube/ post ideas and keeping track of items I’m waiting to receive and also what I need to take photos of for blog posts.

How To Keep Your Blog Organised In The New Year


Honestly, I don’t know how I would get through the day without a list. At the beginning of the week I make a plan of what I want to achieve over the whole week and make lists of things I NEED to get done each day. I do often add extra bits and pieces of blog work, especially if I don’t get something done completely or if I need to do extra bits for something.

How To Keep Your Blog Organised In The New Year

Always start with the most important jobs at the top of your list and work your way down. It’s good to work in a methodical order and to cross things off as you complete them. Not only can you see what you’ve done but that sense of achievement can spur you on to get more done.

If you’re a blogger, I’d love to know what tools you use to keep yourself organised and how you plan to stay on top of everything this year. Let me know in the comments! 

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How To Keep Your Blog Organised In The New Year

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