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Lingerie For The Fuller Bust From Tutti Rouge

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Being a larger lady and someone with a bigger bust means bra shopping can be a nightmare. A lot of shops don’t stock the size I need and traipsing around for hours trying to find something just isn’t fun. The options either seem to be really boring or for people a lot older than me. Trying to find something stylish but that also fits seemed to be nearly impossible.

A website that was introduced to me at the end of last year was Tutti Rouge, a company who offers bras for the fuller bust! I was asked to choose a few styles to try to see what I thought.

Immediately something that stood out to me was that Tutti Rouge offered a really wide range of styles. While there are loads of normal bras to choose from there are also bralettes and bodies, as well as maternity bras. Instead of having to pick from the one or two styles available in boring colours there was a whole rainbow of bras.

Tutti Rouge EZ-T bra

Tutti Rouge EZ-T

I was immediately drawn to the EZ-T bra in dazzling blue. Compared to the black or white bras I already owned this one was so different and it looked like a good option for every day. The bra is really soft and has lovely lace detail at the sides. The matching bottoms are in a Brazillian style with the signature Rougette lace back! The set is really comfortable and practical as well as feeling fantastic with it on.

Tutti Rouge Isla bra 

Tutti Rouge Isla

The Isla bra was my second choice and again, this came with matching bottoms. The design is a mix of black, nude and fishnet and definitely a lot sexier than my boring every day bras. This particular bra gives a fantastic push up and the material is really lovely. The high waisted briefs are a lot more daring than what I would normally wear. While these are really lovely, I do think it would be nice to offer a simple brief as well as not everyone would want this to match the bra.

Tutti Rouge Sarah bra

Tutti Rouge Sarah bra

The last design that I ordered was the Sarah bra, a lacy black number with a nude underside. Unfortunately, I found the fit of this bra completely different to the other bras even though they were the same size. This one fit in a very different way, I think somewhat due to the design of the black closure and partially due to the material on the front of the bra. After taking another look on the website, now advises to go up a size on the back in this design which is really helpful.

Overall, I was really quite impressed not only with what Tutti Rouge offer but the products as well. The products seem to be really well made and there is some wonderful detail on them. Tutti Rouge specialise in DD+ bras with varying back sizes. I have quite a large back size and there was only a few options for me. I love that the larger cup sizes are catered for really well though and sizes range from 32-42, DD-G!


Lingerie For The Fuller Bust From Tutti Rouge

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  1. I love the look of these! As a big busted woman I know all too well the struggle of finding attractive and comfortable underwear, so I will definitely have to take a look here!

  2. It’s always nice to find underwear that fits well AND Is pretty. It is getting better choice wise. I love the blue set!

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