How To Look After Your Child’s Ears

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At this time of year we see a lot of posts online, whether it be in the news, blogs or on social media, about keeping your children healthy and happy in the colder months. However, something that seems to get overlooked is ear health!

Find a solution to any problem

With children, it can be dangerous to put off any kind of health issue but ear problems can be really serious. Ear wax can build up quite easily and while some wax is necessary you don’t want a child with blocked ears. 

Stay away from cotton buds

It might be tempting to use cotton buds to clean your child’s ears but there are various reasons why this could be really dangerous. Children are very well-known for putting small objects in strange places and ears are a really fun and interesting place for kids. If you child has put something in their ear and then you use a cotton bud it could force it further into the ear without you knowing. This would then result in, probably, a trip to A&E!

Cotton buds in a pot

Noise protection

Over the festive season there is usually going on, starting with Bonfire Night. If you plan to take your child to a Fireworks display or maybe even a show at Christmas it’s important to think about ow loud it could be. You might not need them but it’s always a good idea to take ear defenders with you. Remember, your child’s ears can’t take noises the same way that an adult’s ears can!

See a doctor!

There are lots of infections going around at the minute and sometimes they don’t go away on their own. If you think your child may have an ear infection it’s important to make sure they get checked over by a doctor. The problem might be something else or something a bit trickier to heal and your child might need antibiotics.

We’re lucky that Erin hasn’t had many ear issues so far but I know she will at some point in her life. Do you have any tips to share?

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