Looking Back At Our Special Moments With Optimalprint

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I remember getting my first ever camera and since then, I have taken thousands of photos. Unfortunately, most of the photos end up sitting in a folder on a computer and we never do anything with them. Of course, there are the photos I take for work and we have a few printed around the house but not very many. This year though I’m determined to start making more of the photos I take and I recently discovered Optimalprint, who offer a really great range of personalised photo products.

We’re very lucky that we get to do so much each year and we get to make so many memories together. From days out to trips away we had a great time in 2019 so I wanted to put together a photo book that we could all look back on. our favourite days together. Optimalprint offer both soft and hard cover photo books and you can choose from portrait or landscape. I chose a hard cover photo book with the price starting at £29.90. You can add extra bundles of 2 pages too for £1.75.

Man and girl looking at a photo book

Before putting the photo book together I had already sorted out which photos I wanted to use and had them sectioned off by month. This way I was able to upload them to Optimalprint in a specific order and this made keeping the book in date order really easy. You can drag and drop the pictures on to the pages you want and are then able to change the layout and whether the photos have borders or not.

Finger pointing at a photo book

The quality of the photo book is fantastic throughout and each picture looks fantastic. I added quite a few extra pages as I did a photo book for a whole year but the book starts with 30 pages and you can have up to 200! This is great if you’re working on a big project. We have all really enjoyed looking through our 2019 photo book and it was such a good way of talking about past adventures with Erin. We want her to be able to remember the things we’ve done in the past and this is a great way to do it.

Optimalprint’s products aren’t just for adults as they have a great collaboration with Mattel, allowing you to create products for children too. I decided to make a poster for Erin from the Thomas and Friends range (other items also available) as we go on trains quite a lot. I thought it would be a nice idea to put something together with pictures from our train adventures. Posters come in various sizes but the one you can see below is 70x50cm and cost £21.95.

Thomas and Friends poster

Lastly, I chose a personalised photo mug. I took a really gorgeous photo of Erin at a birthday party back in September and I wanted to have it printed somewhere. A simple photo mug costs £10.90 and you can add up to 4 photos. Unfortunately, when the mug arrived the photo was really quite dark which was a shame. The photo is quite light and bright originally so if I was to order another one I would definitely make sure I used a really bright photo or edit it beforehand.

Woman and girl looking at a photo book

Optimalprint often have really great sales and everything I got was either 40% or 50% off, making them excellent value for money. I’ll definitely be putting together another photo book later in the year.


Looking Back At Our Special Moments With Optimalprint

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  1. Oh I love books like these! I have one of when my boy was little and another of my girls holiday. It’s so special to flick though the pages! Caitylis x x

  2. The photo book is lovely! I like that you can put multiple pictures on a page so you can get more in the book. I am exactly the same, thousands of pictures in a folder but I have never got them printed because there are just too many to store, love this idea.

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