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Stay Fuzz Free With Nad’s Waxing Products

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I don’t know about you but when it comes to some kinds of personal care, I just don’t have a lot of time. Gone are the days where I could spend over an hour in the bath having a pamper and sorting myself out. I also can’t afford to have salon treatments to save a bit of time. There’s always something better or more important to spend my money on.

I honestly don’t bother too much during the winter because I tend to wear a lot of leggings, jeans or jumpers but summer isn’t too far away I’ve started to think about wearing dresses and strappy tops again. With that in mind, I want to show you some products from Nad’s, who offer cruelty-free hair removal products!

Nad's Sensitive Body Wax Strips

Sensitive Body Wax Strips – ‘Made with natural Beeswax and infused with Honey and Chamomile extracts, Nad’s Body Wax Strips for Sensitive Skin adhere to unwanted hair to remove it from the root so the skin feels soothed, smooth and hair free for up to four weeks.’

Nad's Natural Sugar Wax

Natural Sugar Wax – ‘The no-heat natural way to silky, smooth, hair-free skin – 100% natural sugar wax. This product warms with body heat as it’s smoothed onto the skin and waxed away – along with your unwanted hair – to leave the skin salon smooth for up to eight weeks. The mistake-proof formula easily washes away with water giving you confidence to achieve salon results at home.’

Nad's Brazilian and Bikini Wax

Brazilian and Bikini Wax – ‘Specially developed for the strong, coarse hair of the bikini area, naturally enriched Nad’s Brazilian & Bikini Wax locks onto the hair so it can be removed from the root for weeks of smooth, hair-free skin, no strips required!’

A set like this gives you plenty of options without it costing what it would at a salon and you can also do everything in the comfort of your own home!

Win a set of waxing products

Winner will receive 1x Brazilian and Bikini Wax, 1x Natural Sugar Wax and 1x Sensitive Body Wax Strips. Giveaway ends 18th March 2020 at 23:59. UK only.
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Stay Fuzz Free With Nad's Waxing Products

7 thoughts on “Stay Fuzz Free With Nad’s Waxing Products”

  1. I have quite sensitive skin, I often get very itchy after I have shaved. I haven’t tried waxing for a long time as I also found it pretty scary, these do sound pretty good though.

  2. I’m too scared to wax at home, and have to get someone to do it for me. Is is easy to do and does it hurt?

  3. I’ve never tried any waxing products before. I have quite a high pain threshhold, but very sensitive skin so a bit wary.

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