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Lottie & Lysh: Stylish Leggings For Children

I first found out about Lottie & Lysh before Erin was born. I bought her a pair of unicorn leggings in size 3-6m thinking she’d be in them quite soon. As Erin was a preemie and born at only 4lb 8oz, she didn’t actually fit into them for a very long time. Those unicorn leggings are right up there on the list of my favourite things Erin has worn. The great thing about Lottie & Lysh is that they have fantastic leggings with amazing patterns and I would say the majority are unisex.

We were lucky enough to receive some of Lottie & Lysh’s new range recently and I couldn’t have been more excited! I had been waiting for the parcel to arrive to see what surprise we had in store for us. I was not disappointed.

Autumn Glow

I have a bit of a woodland theme obsession and I certainly don’t mind admitting it. Erin’s bedroom is woodland themed and I am a sucker for anything with cute woodland animals. The Autumn Glow leggings are have a wonderful dark green background and are covered in adorable bunnies as well as beautiful flowers and leaves. I was slightly worried about what I could pair these fantastic leggings with but actually, due to the colours on the flowers etc. there are loads of colour choices for tops!

Erin’s leggings are 18-24 months and they are slightly too big for her at the moment. However, Erin short for her age due to being premature. The leggings have an elasticated waistband though and well fitted bottoms so they don’t end up covering Erin’s feet!

Lion Noir

The next pair of Lottie & Lysh leggings are exclusive and you won’t find them anywhere else, as the print was designed in-house. These black and white lion leggings are AMAZING! The design is perfect for any season and so easy to team up with a white t-shirt, jumper or vest. These leggings are so super soft that Erin likes to just stroke them now and again! I really don’t blame her because I want to wear clothes this soft.

As you can see from the pictures below, Erin was comfortable enough in these leggings to fall asleep in them! In fact, Erin actually slept for a whopping 2 hours while we were on the train home from Cambridge and she never normally sleeps that long!

Like with all of Lottie & Lysh leggings, these also come with matching accessories of a bandana bib or a headband. We have the matching bandana bib for these and the headband for the Autumn Glow leggings. We are only just starting to branch out with hair accessories for Erin so I can’t wait for the day when she’ll actually keep the headband on!

Disclaimer: We received products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. 

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