Erin’s Woodland Themed Bedroom

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew how I wanted Erin’s bedroom to be. As we couldn’t find out if we were having a boy or girl for a while I decided to paint the room in a very neutral mushroom kind of colour. We’re not a very overly pink or blue kind of family so I wanted something as gender neutral as I could.

My mum’s surname is Fox and that has played a large part in how I chose to decorate Erin’s bedroom. Erin’s first ever toy was a fox that I bought her not long after I found out I was pregnant. I know this is supposed to be unlucky but I didn’t care. I happened to see it in a shop and knew we had to have it. From there, Erin’s room became woodland themed.

Now, unlike some bedrooms, this one isn’t over done with the theme. I LOVE woodland themed items but I didn’t want Erin’s room to be taken over by it. Instead, I’ve gone for a more subtly approach with little items and touches here and there.

Lovebird Cot Bed Quilt by Room to Grow

This is one of my favourite items in the room. Erin fell in love with it immediately and snuggled up to it on the couch for ages. This quilt made her transition from cot to toddler bed a breeze. Erin is so happy to snuggle up into her quilt and I know we’ll be using this on days where she’s not feeling well to have film days!

Fox Memory Board

Erin’s memory board was by far the biggest bargain I have found for her bedroom. I am VERY active on local Facebay sites and this is where I got the board. Someone was selling off a couple, I guess it was old stock, for £5 each! I’ve stuck on some cool photos, first cinema tickets and postcards Erin’s Auntie Natalie sends her and I hope to add some more over the years! I know I’ll have to get a box for this stuff eventually though.

Woodland Animal Music Box from Born Gifted*

Although this music box is on the top of Erin’s storage system, it doesn’t stop us using it. The woodland animal music box from Born Gifted plays Brahms’ Lullaby and it is so lovely to listen to. The fox, owl and rabbit wind up to make the music box play and they slowly turn around at the top. I love how bright and colourful this box is and how cute the characters are. Erin can say rabbit nearly now and make an owl sound so we try to get her to while we play the music.

Elsie and Jem Crafts

We get quite a few craft events, school events and summer fetes in North Norfolk during the summer and we’re lucky to have so many in the small town where we live. Last year the school around the corner from our house had their annual summer event and had loads of great stalls. This is where I discovered Elsie and Jem Crafts and their amazing felt work.

At first I was only going to buy the fairy but then I saw the toadstool door stop and I just had to have both. The poor fairy is missing a few of her berries now after Erin pulled some off when she was a bit younger.

Sylvanian Families Treehouse*

Erin loves play sets and she loves her Sylvanian Families Treehouse. This is the first piece we have from Sylvanian Families but it certainly won’t be the last. This particular piece can also be connected to a log cabin which looks amazing. We also now have to decide which Sylvanian Family will be living in the treehouse. Should we get foxes, cats or rabbits?! We’ll be doing a full review on this one soon so be sure to come back to see how much Erin likes playing with it.


We also have one very large piece of furniture which is the Ikea Kallax Shelving Unit. This may be one of the most expensive bits in Erin’s room, next to her wardrobe by my god was it worth it!

Erin has a lot of books so a large chunk of this is used as a bookcase. The bottom cupboards are used for toy storage. While Erin can’t reach the top though I have some of her nicer things on display. I actually can’t remember where everything came from though so I’ll show you in pictures!

I’m still after a few more bits to finish off Erin’s room properly. I’d love a big rug of some kind and maybe a big picture to replace the tree sticker that is coming off the chimney breast! Erin peeled off a few leaves when she was still in her cot and the rest is slowly coming off now as well. It’s such a shame too because I love it. I need something bold as a replacement!

I’d love to know how you’ve decorated your children’s bedrooms. Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: Items marked with an * are press samples. Contains affiliate links. All opinions are our own.

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