Making Memories With Trunki

Making memories with Trunki

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Although we have been for plenty of weekends away since Erin was born, and even a holiday to Center Parcs, we had not been on a family holiday abroad until last week. As it was a pretty big deal I wanted Erin to get excited and this meant getting her some luggage of her own; a Trunki. I had seen these before Erin was even born and I thought they looked like so much fun. I mean, who doesn’t want a suitcase they can ride on?

It took me quite some time to decide on which Trunki to choose for Erin. There are so many options available from things like unicorns, dinosaurs and even a London bus! In the end, I finally decided on Benny the Cat. Erin loves our foster cat Jara and is drawn to them generally so I thought it would probably get her the most excited. Prices start at £34.99 and go up to £44.99 depending on which Trunki you choose. Bundles are also available.

Making Memories With Trunki

When the Trunki arrived I very quickly noticed the little extras that are included. With the Trunki you get a ‘passport’ and a back story for the design chosen (see picture above). Inside the case is also a shoulder strap which can be attached and also a key so the Trunki can be locked!

Making Memories With Trunki

As soon as Erin saw the Trunki she was very excited! I quickly explained that it was her very own case for our upcoming holiday. We had been trying to explain to her what a holiday was and to get her prepared for her first flight so this was a really great way to start.

Making Memories With Trunki

The Trunki case can be used as hand luggage depending on the airline you fly with. Luckily, Jet2 allow these so we didn’t have to risk it getting ruined as checked luggage. There is a lot more space inside the Trunki than I had first imagined. I managed to pack most of Erin’s holiday clothes as well as activities for the flight. We had nappies and wipes in our hand luggage but it was nice to know that even if our other luggage went missing then Erin would be completely fine!

Making Memories With Trunki

Most importantly, Erin loved that she had her very own case. She made up her own mind that the big case was Daddy’s, and the medium case was mine and she obviously knew the Trunki was her case. Not only was Erin super proud of having her own suitcase but she got excited when she saw other children around the airport who had one in a different design.

Erin on Cat Trunki

I can’t wait for our next holiday now so Erin can use this again. I know she’s now going to get excited about going away whenever we get it out ready to pack!

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