Maternity and safety at home Key things to look out for

Maternity and safety at home: Key things to look out for

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Becoming a parent is an incredible experience. Looking into the eyes of your precious baby is a feeling like no other. But having a baby around the house can make you realise how many hazards there are. Keeping your kids safe is paramount so here are some tips to help you achieve that. 

Avoid exposure to harmful chemicals

Many household items contain chemicals that should be kept away from pregnant women and children. Even the more innocuous substances such as nail polish and certain paints can be harmful in large doses. Where possible you should opt for natural alternatives which are lower in harmful chemicals. If you are unsure you should seek professional advice. 

When it comes to storing chemicals keep them in cupboards that are difficult for children to access. If this is not possible then you should invest in some child cupboard locks. 

If you are exposed to chemicals in your home due to the negligent work of someone else then you may be entitled to claim for compensation

Prevent accidents and falls

There is no way around it, toddlers are messy little humans. But these messes can be hazardous to all the family and cause trips and falls to happen.

Ensuring that your floors are kept as clear as possible helps to reduce the risk of tripping. You may need to get creative when it comes to storage. You could use shoe storage bags as a way to store smaller toys such as dinosaurs or cars. 

Bathrooms are notorious for slips, especially for little ones. Investing in a sturdy non-slip mat will help to reduce the risk of a bath time tumble. 

Keep an eye on electrical safety

Electrical safety is something that everyone should be aware of, but it is even more essential when you are pregnant or have little ones running around. When babyproofing your home it can be helpful to get down on the floor and see what your baby can reach from a crawling position. By changing your perspective you will be able to spot additional hazards. 

Cables are a common trip hazard so make sure they are tucked away where little hands can’t reach. You should also regularly check wires and plugs for signs of damage or wear and tear. Exposed wires are really dangerous for anyone who accidentally touches one. They can also cause a fire if they overheat. 

Maintain proper air quality

The quality of the air you breathe does vary depending on whether you are in a city or out in the countryside. Wherever you are there are always things you can do to improve your air quality.

Smoke harms your health when you are pregnant and if you are a young child. Even being around other people smoking and breathing in second-hand smoke can harm a developing baby so it is best to avoid those situations. Regularly service your household appliances as well to ensure you don’t have a carbon monoxide leak. For extra peace of mind install some carbon monoxide detectors.

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