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Now that Erin is over a year old he has started to change how she plays and how she eats. There have been many days where Jackson has got a decent meal because Erin has flung her food on the wooden floor in the dining room. Mealtimes can definitely be really messy now and I need an easier way of cleaning up.

Messy Me offer a whole range of products which are designed for your children to get messy! We were lucky enough to try out their Messy Mat. The mat is available is various colours and costs £24.

We have a Tuff Tray and we’re just beginning to get into messy play in preparation for Erin going to nursery. The Messy Mat doesn’t cover the whole of the underneath  (90cm x 120cm) of the Tuff Tray but it is great for using on one half. Erin doesn’t use the whole tray yet so this is perfect at the moment.

The Messy Mat is made from oilcloth so can be wiped clean. This makes cleaning up after a messy play session super easy. You can either shake any mess off or wipe into one pile and then pop in the bin!

The mat really comes in useful for lots of different things though. As we have a big fluffy dog, his fur does get everywhere. Sometimes we have a picnic lunch in the living room and I don’t want Erin eating with dog hair around her food. We use this mat quite often for somewhere to sit. I know we’ll be using this to take to the park in the summer! If we end up with spills they’ll be no trouble to clean up.

Something else I love is that other items are available in the same colours and design. We have the grey stars design and I would love for Erin to have a matching apron or tunic for when she starts painting!

I really love our Messy Mat. The price is really reasonable as the product is of such high quality and can be used for so many things.

Disclaimer: We received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.





10 thoughts on “Messy Me Messy Mat”

  1. This is really nice. We have messy mats with really bright colours and they don’t look stylish in our living room! Even though your mat doesn’t cover the underneath of your tray it still looks like a decent size to me. Our messy mats were tiny. I had to buy three!

  2. We have a similar mat we use but it doesn’t look half as nice as this. I’m not so sure I’d want to spend £24 on it though! But that’s just me! X

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