Missing Milestones

As Erin was born premature I thought she would be behind on milestones for a long time.

It turns out that I needn’t have worried. Not really anyway.

Erin has been cruising along nicely and hitting every milestone so far… even the non-sleeping ones! In comparison to her peers, Erin has been doing things at roughly the same time and some things a bit earlier. I think that’s really good going especially considering HVs still class her as being 3 weeks younger than she actually is.

The thing that has me curious at the minute is crawling. I think Erin may skip it altogether. Apparently I didn’t crawl so it’s definitely possible. At the minute Erin wants to be stood up all the time! She is so happy to be stood while we hold her hands. However, she shows no interest in crawling really.

Erin has never really liked Tummy Time. Now that she will at least tolerate it, I feel as though I don’t do it enough with her. Jackson plays a large part in this. Our living room floor does get covered in dog hair throughout the day. Jackson also gets super interested when she’s on the floor and wants to be a part of everything. We’ve sort of mastered her sitting and playing in the drawer (easily pleased) but moving around? Not so much!

I have tried encouraging Erin to move or push herself up while on the floor (in her bedroom) but she shows a clear dislike. It would seem as though Erin is going to skip the pushing up and crawling milestones. I think my arms are going to ache from holding her up so much if this is what she wants to do now!

Did your child miss any milestones?

15 thoughts on “Missing Milestones”

  1. Oh yes, it’s definitely possible! One of T’s closest friends didn’t crawl either. She just decided to skip that bit and start walking! And looks like her youngest brother who is roughly the same age as little Erin is the same 🙂

  2. My 2nd child doesn’t seem to want to crawl. She’s been doing a commando crawl for months but doesn’t seem interested in an actual crawl. I think my eldest hit all the milestones early. She was very determined x

  3. My baby hated tummy time too and I didn’t do it too much with her, but she was great at sit up! At the minute she’s very behind in your speech, so we’re missing that milestone 🙁

  4. My boys hated tummy time as well, they used to SCREAM the place down so I gave up in the end. One of the twins never crawled but he would roll over with speed lol x

  5. I always find it amazing how babies learn so quickly. They really are incredible little things. Jack hated tummy time but did crawl before walking. Hudson is totally different and loves tummy time, he is already trying to roll over at 3mths – God help me 🙂

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