Mummy and Me Bracelet Set by It’s Handmade

From the day that I replaced the Tiffany necklace that got lost during Erin’s birth, she has played with my jewellery. Erin has fallen asleep many times holding the heart dangling down. Now, she tends to play with the E hanging down from my Links of London charm bracelet. My jewellery means a lot to me and ever day it makes me think of Erin. I wanted Erin to grow up having something special to share with me and the Mummy and Me Bracelet Set from It’s Handmade is perfect for this.

The Mummy and Me Bracelet Set comes with two bracelets, one for mum and one for the child although extra children’s bracelets can be ordered at the same time. The bracelets come in 15 different colours. I am not the most girly of people so I opted for a very neutral grey and it’s perfect.

The bracelets come with a stainless steel heart pendent which is personalised. One can say Mummy (or variation of) loves ‘child’s name’ while the other has the words the other way around. For an extra charge you can also have the back of the hearts personalised.

What I love about this bracelet set is that the size of each one can be altered. As Erin is only 16 months old now I didn’t want something that she would outgrow pretty quickly. This set allows her to grow with the jewellery, until she would need something adult sized.

I think the bond between a mother something super special and Erin is definitely a Mummy’s Girl at the moment. I really love having jewellery to share with my daughter and I hope she grows up to think her bracelet is something special too!

The Mummy and Me Bracelet Set costs £20. I think this would make a wonderful present for a new mum or for Mother’s Day or Christmas.

*These bracelets are not suitable to used as toys for children under 36 months.

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8 thoughts on “Mummy and Me Bracelet Set by It’s Handmade”

  1. Oh my goodness, these are so cute. I couldn’t give my two a bracelet though, it would get lost within 30 seconds!

  2. I stopped wearing jewellery when B was born as he just pulled it. Only just started getting back into it. Haha. Great gift idea and so reasonably priced, too! x

  3. So sweet, my daughter would love some jewellery. Zach is just finishing up with the pulling phase so I’m wearing jewellery again, hurrah!

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