Review: LOVELOX Heart Personalised Silver Locket

AD | Paid collaboration A few years ago I had a necklace made that had Erin’s fingerprint on it from being maybe a year or so old. Sadly, I no longer have that necklace and have been looking for something to replace it for a while. Up until recently I wasn’t sure what I wanted though but I knew that it had to be something meaningful. I was recently sent a beautiful locket from LOVELOX, and it really fit the bill of what I was looking for.

Precious stones that are perfect for engagement rings

AD | Collaborative post Whether you are someone looking to buy, or you will be helping to pick your own right, there is a lot to think about when it comes to engagement rings. An engagement ring is something that should be worn for a really long time, hardly ever taken off therefore, a lot of thought should go into the kind of ring that you’re looking for. One of the many things to consider is the precious stone that would like. There are more options than you might think of and you don’t have

5 Reasons To Invest In Antique Jewellery

AD | Collaborative post Growing up, I always remember looking my both my Mum and Nanna’s jewellery and loving how old it was. At the time, antique wasn’t a word that I knew or understood but I did know that these pieces of jewellery were not like the newer things I had seen in shops. Now that I’m 34, I have a much better understanding and appreciation for what some of those pieces of jewellery mean and where they came from. Today I want to talk a bit more about antique jewellery and why it’s

Finding A Timeless Accessory With A Nordgreen Watch

AD | Gifted item Growing up I was never really a watch kind of person. For some reason I just never really got on with them but now I realise that I don’t think I found the right one for me. I’m 34 now and my style and taste has changed quite a lot. I love silver or white gold jewellery and what I wear is very simple. I needed a watch that would fit with this and I found one at Nordgreen. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t actually heard of Nordgreen before. They’re a

How to Keep Your Engagement Ring in Top Condition

AD | Collaborative post After the rush and excitement of the proposal has eased, there’s a lot of practicalities to consider when caring for your engagement ring. If you’re recently engaged, here’s a few helpful tips for keeping that beauty in tip top shape! Take it off! Obviously, we all want to sport our rings and let the world know that we are happily taken, but it’s for the greater good that you know when you should take off your engagement ring. Cleaning products with harsh chemicals can really damage your ring, especially if it

Jana Reinhardt Tiny Hummingbird Necklace Review

AD | Gifted item When it comes to jewellery I don’t wear an awful lot. It’s been years since I’ve worn earrings (although I would like to start doing that again) and I only have a few things that I wear all of the time. Of course, I never take my engagement and weddings rings off and I also have a charm bracelet that I don’t take off. Necklaces are a bit different though and I like to wear something classic, simple and something that goes with everything. I was recently sent the beautiful Tiny

Mummy and Me Bracelet Set by It’s Handmade

From the day that I replaced the Tiffany necklace that got lost during Erin’s birth, she has played with my jewellery. Erin has fallen asleep many times holding the heart dangling down. Now, she tends to play with the E hanging down from my Links of London charm bracelet. My jewellery means a lot to me and ever day it makes me think of Erin. I wanted Erin to grow up having something special to share with me and the Mummy and Me Bracelet Set from It’s Handmade is perfect for this. The Mummy and