Giving Jewellery As The Perfect Present

It’s my birthday in just under a week and I’ll be turning 32. I had to check that though because I’m terrible for forgetting how old I really am. I spent so many years lying about my age as a teenager to get into pubs years before I should have been in them so now it all gets a bit fuzzy. Anyway, it’s gotten me thinking about what I would really like for my birthday this year and jewellery is always a great option! For Christmas in 2016 Mum bought me a charm bracelet, something I have wanted for a

Mummy and Me Bracelet Set by It’s Handmade

From the day that I replaced the Tiffany necklace that got lost during Erin’s birth, she has played with my jewellery. Erin has fallen asleep many times holding the heart dangling down. Now, she tends to play with the E hanging down from my Links of London charm bracelet. My jewellery means a lot to me and ever day it makes me think of Erin. I wanted Erin to grow up having something special to share with me and the Mummy and Me Bracelet Set from It’s Handmade is perfect for this. The Mummy and Me Bracelet Set comes with