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Seventh Generation Eco-friendly Household Products & Giveaway

I think when you have a family you tend to pay more attention to the products you buy and what you use around the house. I know I have become more aware of the chemicals in certain products since having Erin. I definitely try to make sure that we don’t buy anything that could irritate her skin.

After attending Blog On a couple of months ago I discovered an American brand called Seventh Generation. This is a company with a difference as they make plant based products that only contain natural ingredients. This means that they are completely safe to use around children and pets. Perfect for a busy household, right?

Erin is prone to getting eczema flare ups if we use some particular laundry detergents so trying something new is always a bit of a worry. Before we used Seventh Generation it was reassuring to know what was in the detergent, as everything used is printed on the packaging. We do tend to use a more gentle laundry detergent for Erin’s clothes to be on the safe side so it’s really nice to find something suitable for the whole family! We have been using both the Sensitive and Lavender & Blue Eucalyptus laundry detergents and have found them both to be super kind on Erin’s skin, as well as mine and John’s.

Something that I have become much pickier about recently is how clean the surfaces are at home. Erin is the toddler that is in to EVERYTHING. She runs, climbs and crawls all over the place and yes, she is known to eat a tiny speck of food if she finds it. She also tends to eat right off of the dining table rather than off of a plate. This makes me more and more aware of what I’m using to clean these kinds of surface. I absolutely love the Powerful Clean All Purpose Natural Cleaner. It’s fantastic for all surfaces in our house and I know that our dining table is safe for Erin to eat her dinner off of.

We still have a few of the other products we were sent to try but after having such good experiences so far, I have no doubt that the other products will be great too.

Seventh Generation products are now available at Tesco!

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  2. I really enjoy reading your posts. Since becoming a single mum I am much more aware of what products I am using rather than just buying products for convenience. Its not often that I go to Tesco but I think I’ll have to make a special visit to try Seventh Generation out. Thanks for such an interesting and informative post.

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