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Organising A Special Event In London

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Over the years we have had plenty of reasons to celebrate a special occasion or put together a special event. Although London might not be the perfect location for everyone, it is somewhere with excellent transport links and tons of choice when it comes to restaurants, bars and event spaces. Here are some ideas for those special events you might be planning in London.

Family gatherings

The great thing about London is that there are great rail, coach or airport links. John and I have family all over the place but we are all able to get to London quite easily and I’m sure other families are the same. No matter where you are there will be a hotel just around the corner and this is another reason why London is so great for family gatherings. Not only can family all be in the same city but they can also stay at the same hotel.

A lot of larger, chain hotels have restaurants attached to them now and can make eating together as a family a really easy option. Sometimes family members can spend a fair bit of time travelling to London and having a restaurant in the hotel


When it comes to weddings and the wedding reception, there is something to suit everyone in London. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 guests or 100 guests, you will be able to find a whole host of wedding venues for whatever you need.

London’s restaurants offer a diverse range of options and you will surely find something to fit your requirements. For example, the Min Jiang at the Royal Garden Hotel overlooks Hyde Park and has a private dining room for up to 20 people. Alternatively, you can privately hire the Eneko Basque Kitchen & Bar for up to 120 people if you have a larger guest list.

Corporate events

As London is full of large offices and corporate businesses there is often a need to hold an event. As a blogger, I have been to plenty of events in London for various different companies and the venues have always been so interesting. I have been to events in literary houses, head offices as well as some really wonderful restaurants. The great thing about hosting a corporate event in a restaurant is that a lot will cater for whatever you need and any dietary requirements of your guests. You can go for anything from canapes to a full three course dinner depending on the kind of event you’re hosting.

Blogging events

Although the country is full of bloggers from all over, a lot of events are held in London. Again, I think this is probably to do with transport links along with how many bloggers there are in or close to London. Restaurants and bars in London are lovely choices for blogger events. As someone who can be quite shy and a bit nervous, having a nice drink and some food can really help me to relax. An even in a restaurant is also a really social way for people to chat and get to know one another while also being a great location for brands to showcase what they have.

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