Peppa Pig ‘My Floor Puzzle’ Review

Erin is a huge Peppa Pig fan and snorts like a pig as soon as it comes on television or she sees something with Peppa on it. Up until recently, Erin has never really done puzzles before. We have had plenty of shape sorters but nothing like a puzzle. To get Erin started we thought the Peppa Pig ‘My First Floor Puzzle’ from Ravensburger would be good.

The puzzle costs around £10 and is suitable for children aged 2+.

Peppa Pig 'My Floor Puzzle' Review

Being a puzzle for very young children there are only 16 pieces. I think that this is a really nice amount as there isn’t too many and it’s just enough to keep a child interested long enough to complete the puzzle. Each of the 16 pieces are quite large and have lovely big pictures and words on them to help little hands and eyes.

Peppa Pig 'My Floor Puzzle' Review

This is a ‘look and find’ puzzle so instead of just having to put a picture together, this one has other things to do and see. All around the edge of the puzzle there are different things that you’re supposed to find like Candy Cat, Mouse and Shell. If your child already likes Peppa Pig then a lot of the items and characters are things they will recognise already which makes the puzzle a bit easier. While you’re supposed to find the names items or characters, you can also add in your own game and find other things included in the picture.

Peppa Pig 'My Floor Puzzle' Review

Peppa Pig 'My Floor Puzzle' Review

This is a really great starter puzzle for children who are either fans of Peppa Pig or just beginning to try things like puzzles.

Take a closer look at the Peppa Pig ‘My First Floor Puzzle’ in our Youtube video below!

Disclaimer: We received products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. 

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