Trigg Life Mapper Planner Review

Even before I was a blogger I loved getting new stationery and one of my favourite things to get was either a new planner or notebook. Now that I used at least 3 different kinds at any one time I’m always on the look out for something new and different. Last year when I attended the London Stationery Show I discovered the Trigg Life Mapper Planner.

Trigg Life Mapper Planner

The problem with a lot of planners is that they don’t really account for everything you need it to do, unless you bullet journal and make something yourself. Personally, I want something that covers a bit of everything in life. I want to be able to use a planner for work, for my personal life and for my family as well.

Trigg Life Mapper Planner

The Trigg Life Mapper Planner starts with giving you the opportunity to write a personal declaration and also to write annual forecasts for 4 different areas of your life; self, relationships, passions and work. These 4 headings are expanded upon in the beginning of the journal so that you are able to have a real clear view of what you want to write about in each section. I love the idea of having goals for different things and documenting them at the beginning of the year.

Trigg Life Mapper Planner

Not only does the Trigg Life Mapper Planner let you make plans or goals at the beginning of the year but at the start of each week, there is the opportunity to do this again. There is only space for 4 goals in each of the 4 sections each week but I think this is just the right amount. Instead of making so many goals you might not be able to reach, this is a more realistic way of planning your week.

Trigg Life Mapper Planner

The Trigg Life Mapper Planner has space for each day of the year. Each page has space for the following: Must Do, Plan, Delegate and Delay. Again, the space for each section isn’t huge. This planner really makes you think about what is actually important on a day to day basis and it doesn’t really let you try to do more than what is probably possible.

The day pages also have a large blank space to use as you wish and also space for appointments at the bottom.

Trigg Life Mapper Planner

When the year is over, the Trigg Life Mapper Planner gives you plenty of space to reflect on the year just gone. Using this area of the planner gives you plenty of opportunity to reflect on your time, what you have achieved and what you would like to get out of the year to come.

Trigg Life Mapper Planner

Now, while I do use a daily to-do list planner for work, I still really rate this planner. It’s so different to anything else I have ever tried or even seen for that matter.

It’s nice to be able to pick only 3 must do things for the day and I generally use this space for things around the house or something a bit more fun e.g. clean the oven, vacuum the living room and have a nap! I LOVE the delegate area because it means I can also plan a couple of things for John to do as well. I don’t think he likes this section very much though. It’s nice that this planner makes you think about not doing everything yourself if possible and sharing the load with someone else.

The Trigg Life Mapper Planner won the Best New Product at the London Stationery Show 2017 and also the Best 2018 Diary at the UK Calendar Awards. You can buy the Trigg Life Mapper Planner here!

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