Perfect Plus Size Swimwear From UKSwimwear

Perfect plus size swimwear from UKSwimwear

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When preparing for a family holiday abroad, especially with children, it’s really easy to forget about yourself. I have had lists going for months for John and Erin as well as bags full of new things covering my bedroom. For me though, I ended up with 2 new pairs of shorts the week before our holiday and not much else. Although I luckily haven’t needed too much one thing that desperately needed replacing was my swimsuit.

The swimsuit I was using, ever single week for Erin’s swimming lessons, was one I’d had since 2013. I remember buying it in the summer ready for going to Orlando in September. That means that this particular swimsuit is now nearly 5 years old. It has lost it’s shape and it definitely doesn’t ‘control’ anything any more. While it does do the most basic of jobs, and it pretty much keeps everything in place, it doesn’t exactly make me feel good.

Since becoming a parent I think it’s safe to say that I don’t really care as much about my appearance as I used to. However, I was a bit worried about being in the pool so much with during out holiday but UK Swimwear came to my rescue like a Fairy Godmother and sent me the Miraclesuit Womens Sonatina Black Swimsuit.

Perfect Plus Size Swimwear From UKSwimwear

As a larger lady, and someone who has had a baby, I am very self-conscious about certain areas of my body. The Sonatina Black Swimsuit is designed to help hide problem areas with it’s large straps, tummy control and flattering ruching.

Some swimsuits I have had in the past have been in larger sizes but really not designed with larger ladies in mind. The Sonatina Black Swimsuit has great support in the busy and also has a high back to keep you comfortable everywhere else. One particular swimsuit I have had before was so low cut at the back and at the sides that I was spilling out everywhere and it just wasn’t flattering. I ended up being too self-conscious to wear it and it’s lived in a drawer ever since. I am so comfortable in this swimsuit though and I’m happy wearing it for hours!

Perfect Plus Size Swimwear From UKSwimwear

I know black is not the most exciting of colours but it is one of the most flattering, which is why I was so drawn to this particular swimsuit. If, like, me, you want to take this away with you on holiday with you then there are easy to ways to change it up with things like sarongs or kaftans.

Black swimming costume, hat and sunglasses

As a pluz size woman, I have really found it difficult to find swimsuits that fit well that are also not completely boring or ugly. UKSwimwear have so much choice so much. I know I’ll be going back when I want another swimsuit and I might even try something with a bit more of an adventurous colour or pattern!

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