WOW Toys Activity Table Review

Finding Erin smaller toys to play with is really easy. Smaller toys can hold her attention for roughly 30-45 minutes maximum but a lot of them won’t last more than a couple of months at best. Erin is now at an age where how she plays can change quite quickly but it’s important to also find toys that she can grow up with as well. Recently we have been playing with the WOW Toys Activity Table and here’s what we thought.

The activity doesn’t come assembled but it does only come in 5 pieces and a bag of fixings. John managed to put the activity table together in less than 10 minutes and it was super simple to do. If this is going to be a gift then it’s good to know that you can get it together really quickly even with a toddler whinging at you because they want to play with it already!

WOW Toys Activity Table

The table is quite large (850 x 545 x 105mm) so it’s important to make sure you have enough room for it to begin with. While we are quite lucky to have a large living room/ dining room it’s also nice to be able to push the activity table to the side of the room when we don’t want to use it. The table also isn’t as heavy as I expected so we can also move the table upstairs easily if we need to.

WOW Toys Activity Table

The activity table can be played with in so many ways due to the colourful scene shown on the top. The very center of the scene is a road with various stops to make along the way. When you first see the table top it looks as though the road has a bump in it but it really is flat all over!

WOW Toys Activity Table

The colours on the activity table are bright and vibrant and really catch your eye. On the table top there are scenes such as a shop to visit, construction site and even a building on fire to save! My personal favourite is the zoo where you have to sweve away from the elephant spraying water on the road!

WOW Toys Activity Table


As we have got this from Erin being 2 it means it will last her a really long time. The table is actually recommended for children aged 3+ but as there are no small parts and we supervise all of the time, it’s okay for Erin to use it. I know that this is the kind of toy that Erin can play with for years and years to come and it’s something that she will get a lot of use out of as it can be played with in lots of different ways.

If you fancy a closer look at the table, watch the video below:

The WOW Toys Activity Table can be purchased on Amazon.

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